The typical role of the objectives in the forum on the Internet habitat mediavirusa 'problem about the plane' – a forum on the Internet. Virus provokes a lengthy discussion, often interrupted by the moderator. You can classify the participants in such discussions as follows:''naive'''Moving canvas runway leads towards solving the problem, causing him numerous domestic association with a moving treadmill, exercise equipment, car, etc., and, ultimately, to the wrong address and / or response apparent to him quite clear. Full confidence in his 'rightness' makes it easy to engage in an emotional debate. Sufficient quantity involved in the discussion is crucial for the dissemination of 'virus' – it is his nutrient medium. Western Union addresses the importance of the matter here. '''Semi''' This category is solved easily distracted by minor inaccuracies in the formulation of the problem, too much to deal with data from the condition, small and unnecessary details, 'incomplete' 'Incorrect', 'contradictory', 'impossibility', etc., etc. A typical example – discussion on the wheel speeds. Since this rate can be any issue for the successful solution of the problem in general is not important.

However, it was he given a central place, until the solutions it never comes, and an elementary problem begins to look like a complicated scientific problem. '''The inventors of perpetual motion''' unstoppable Inventors perpetual motion, often from other areas not related to physics – philosophers, humanists. '''Unfair''' deliberately inciting flame throw in the original problem to the forum, followed by unnecessary refinements endless questions ostensibly "for business use," comments, using the weak points and other critical features (see above), emotional examples of life experiences, etc. .


'Extensive and faster separation of origami in the world has helped manufacturing workshops origamistom of Japan Akira Yoshizavoy signs, it's possible to write scheme origami anyone, even the very difficult work. As soon develops every human activity, art, origami has taken a distinctive direction. In addition to the craft of birds and animals appeared masks, flowers, boxes of all the images and sizes, patterns, geometrically correct figures, model ships and even the silhouettes of the Zodiac. There were pros-origamisty inventing this or that branch on the tree of origami. Folding origami paper scheme may at first sight seem child's play, does not need time off. But the people of Japan believe the origami is not just the same amount of some skills in working with paper, but an important element of national culture. To possess color, words, gestures, notes, people added possession of a form, which appears on the flatness. Distinct elements of the collapse akin to the seven notes or seven colors.

Mixing them in different portions, you can not just recreate the work of predecessors, but also to try to make something personal, earlier in our world does not exist. The use of origami are varied and sometimes unexpected. The art of origami in your home – a custom home furnishing designs, spruce. The art of origami in teaching – it's fast and excellent contact with every child, looking with amazement as you have in the hands of emptiness arises toy. The art of origami in the school – is the formation of spatial thinking and creative abilities. Long-term work with children showed that kids immediately perceived basic skills and then glad to leave with his head in an unusual area for the Russian culture of creativity, folding origami diagrams. Origami – excellent psychotherapeutic tool that allows us to go after a day on a completely different activity, thereby off your shoulders tension and worries of the day. Origami in design and architecture – it is unusual shapes and bold engineering. The art of origami has been used in space, demonstrating how to put tremendous plane of the solar battery to a small compact plane freely retractable into the hull. In our own country the spread of origami inhibited almost complete non-existence of Russian books and craftsmen who could transfer the skills origami. And yet, no need to despair.