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Islamic Republic

Refugee in France, the Ayatola, different of what Pahlevi thought, had more conditions to communicate itself with its country. The attempt to isolate Khomeini had not given certain. The used method to make propaganda was the ribbon cassette (for youngest, it was a device that stored audio). Khomeini promised social and economic reforms, beyond the […]

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Enterprise Coach

You have seted out to improve the communication with your pair, but every day they discuss but, and they are not able to establish a constructive dialogue and respectful, similarly we must enter to us in our interior conscientiously and to find what is the intrinsic necessity superior that it impels to discuss to us, […]

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German Chancellor

And for that Nimrod could not affect the consciousness of the people subservient to Satan, Satan "iron curtain" between the territory under their control, and the territory under the protectorate of Nimrod. All of this insulation expressed not only in the ideological confrontation between people of Nimrod and Satan, and in opposition to their "masters." […]

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