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VSoft Agencies

Online Agency xeomed benefited by the project management of ERP solution v.Soft the performance and online marketing agency xeomed Nuremberg v.Soft takes the ERP provider VEPOS GmbH & co. a year after the introduction of the ERP software KG stock. The result: xeomed succeeded in the past year due to a faster project processing and […]

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Email Encryption

Secure file exchange and E-Mail encryption is encrypt the modern data transfer on the basis of E-Mails FOX is easy, fast and at any time, easily large amounts of data as attachments are sent. The email account and the Outlook program is protected in most cases with passwords and the sender of the E-mail is […]

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Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Comprehensive advice, implementation and powerful value-added modules for the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) Hennef (D) / Budapest (H), 8 February 2013. Since the beginning of the year, UCCNET Kft. offers a comprehensive solution portfolio with its seat in Budapest to Hungarian customers and users of market-leading Cisco Contact Center technologies. From consultancy and […]

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Enterprise Client

These features make working life easier us immensely and are the right choice for our heterogeneous infrastructure with Windows and Mac workstations. We would always back the decision for the ESTOS products.” ProCall for Mac includes classic CTI features, instant messaging and presence management in the company and through Federation also across the enterprise boundary. […]

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Ultra Slim

Allview speed announces a new Tablet – AllDro are applied. “Speed was AllDro designed to exceed the expectations of users and offers a greater multimedia experience through the implemented technical solution.” “The thinnest Allview-tablet is representative of the one tablet with faster response time to control, both for the performance of office applications and Android […]

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Academy Neuroscience Education

Fql is motivator & Jonglator Stephan Ehlers, inventor of the juggling learning system REHORULI and holder of the world record, as many people at the same time in a startlingly short time juggling 3 balls to teach. Current best brand = 264 beginners learned juggling (simultaneously) in just 30 minutes. Stephan Ehlers is a recognised, […]

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Enterprise Data Security

Modern enterprise and data protection in times of the Internet no modern company do without nowadays on computers and the Internet. The pressure of the consumer on the transparency of a company on the one hand and increased the effectiveness of the operations through the internal network of the company on the other hand, multiply […]

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EUR Server

Because when buying an Intel modular chassis there are 1000 EUR discount. Intel modular chassis system stands out for its scalability and has been designed for small and medium-sized companies with increasing IT requirements and tight budgets. Also high demands six server blades and 14 bays for 2.5 inch hard drives. In addition, the modular […]

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IT Quality Championship Gets To Participate On

Skills competition of ITSM Consulting AG and computer week with scientific support from the University of Dortmund professional elite IT services is determined in five rounds; Participants can immediately register Bodenheim, 04.07.2012 – ITSM Consulting AG and the German periodical Computerwoche perform 2012 the first German IT-quality Championship with scientific support from the University of […]

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Terra Service Partner

The PDS Minerva Systems GmbH the company Wortmann AG as a premium service partner could qualify for the year 2013. PDS Minerva is Terra service partner of Wortmann AG for 2013 could qualify the PDS Minerva Systems GmbH the company Wortmann AG as a premium service partner. Mrs Manzmann handed the certificate as well as […]

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