Tokyo Science University

It is good news for bald men and women, Japanese researchers have managed to grow new hair in bald mice successfully, which has generated new hopes for a cure for male pattern baldness. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Asaria. The principal author of the study, Takashi Tsuji of the Tokyo Science University has fed his team two types of hair follicles of mice for later transplanting them. Three weeks later, the researchers found that 74% of the hair follicles had become black hair. During the study, the researchers observed two types of skin stem cells, two of which contain instructions to grow hair. The research team administered acetylcholine, a drug that is used to muscle contraction problems, in the region of skin with follicles through bioengineering. After a few days, hair began to grow, thus indicating that the transplanted follicles have been integrated with the muscles and surrounding nerves, as they make normal hair follicles.

Although the research has been conducted in rodents, humans can expect that here comes out a potential treatment for baldness. The researchers of the study, which has been published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, were also able to change the density and color of hair. Our study contributes substantially to the development of bioengineering technologies that will enable the regenerative therapy for the future when the hair loss is caused by injury or disease as alopecia and alopecia androgenic, claim the researchers of the study. With hope on research, the scientist Takahi Tsuji has said that with these hair follicles bioengineering has been very successful to connect naturally with the surrounding tissue, and has added that if it works for mice, humans can also expect a treatment soon.