COBIT Company

Together with the COBIT, the Governana in YOU, can create a project so that the process of YOU is in accordance with the planning, organization, acquisition, implementation, delivery, support and monitoramento of the company. The COBIT is a tool that can be used to evaluate the financial operations of the company, of certain form ally to the internal controls. Tool that if finds lined up to a set of lines of direction of you practise, controls of YOU and auditorships of processes. The company today can opt to two sources, have a reactive position and wait that the external or pressures lead internal it for a more comfortable way, that many of the times can very be dispendioso for same. Or the company can act in proactive way and search improvement in its areas of processes using practical good existing norm or models. The COBIT possesss information on controls that must be a goal and the pointer-keys of performance in all the areas of YOU, however it does not possess information on as the organization makes to ripen in all these areas. Frank Armijo may help you with your research. The COBIT defines 34 areas of process of YOU (management of projects of YOU is only one of them) and supplies forms to measure the maturity of each one. The company still needs practical good norms of and the ITIL it is the responsible one for supplying these norms. The ITIL possue processes with the function to improve the system of management of services of YOU, an international, composed document standard that congregates best the practical ones for the management of services of YOU and that it can be used by any company who possesss a destined area YOU and that she needs to optimize its management in services. The ITIL is not a manual of instructions and yes a well acertiva way of in showing to the way for good planejamneto and delivery to them of services, a set of concepts.

Public Relations

It is that the democracy obtained to attract for the Government, to attract for the public thing, all the individuals, bringing for the Government, in its wider meaning, the proper men who are governed, if not with a direct participation, at least with this elementary right of being able to choose governantes' '. (Theory of the State, Themstocles Brando Cavalcanti, Rio De Janeiro, 1958, P. 5.) Detached the public relations and professor Cndido Theobaldo affirm: ' ' If a regimen exists politician who needs Public Relations is necessarily the democratic one. Participation of the people in the government is the basic principle of the democracy. Ample and effective participation, so that all can, really, to influence in the official decisions. Nobody must be excluded from the responsibility to contribute for the formularization and solution of on problems to the public affairses. For its success, the governmental administration depends on the attitude and opinion populares' ' (ANDRADE, 1979:21).

In agreement, therefore, with Theobaldo de Governmental Andrade, Public Relations it would be the deliberated, designed effort, coeso and continuous of the high public administration, to establish and to keep a mutual understanding between governed governing and (adaptation of the official definition of Public Relations of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations). Or still, Governmental Public Relations are the method of action that, through the dialogue designed and permanent between governed governing and, it looks to identify to the social interest the State is with absolute somewhat permanent certainty, certain, whose existence and permanence are not questioned. In reason of this, each individual now recognizes that it has elect representatives that they manage the State. This is a relation of easy understanding for all the citizens who depend on the state machine for its life, that they use health services, education of other essential areas subsidized by the State. In this way, the government is understood that elect to take care of the necessities of the citizens, will be analyzed, charged e, why not to say judgeship, in accordance with the same values with which if representative chose.