TELIS FINANZ AG is practical financial tips for ‘more net’ in 2011 Regensburg, November 2010. Until December 31, German households have the opportunity to make important decisions in terms of personal finance. The TELIS FINANZ AG advises: the savings and funding potential are often extensive in the private old-age provision and wealth planning and should remain unused in any case. The turn of the year 2010/2011 is approaching and the last chance, to gain real financial benefits through optimization of private finance. By the same author: Rob Daley. The ways to save money with small steps and to make its financial planning on a new basis, are aware of after experience of extensive TELIS FINANZ AG, but by no means always every citizen.

Special attention deserves the topic of private pension schemes traditionally for the TELIS FINANZ AG. The most important reason: many people pay too little in their Riester annuity contracts and thereby waive the State funding. The basic allowance of 154 euros a year and the allowance of 185 euros (300 euros for 2008) to get born, infants), every citizen has to pay at least 4 per cent of the pension-insurance income of last year. It is important according to the TELIS FINANZ AG to bear in mind: this amount can be achieved through monthly payments, but also by extra payment at the end of the year. Riester savers can so through a surcharge until end of December 2008 to 2010 secure yet full entitlement to the allowances for the year and submit the corresponding application to the Finanzamt. “The tip of the TELIS FINANZ AG: simply fill out a permanent allowance application then the allowances every year are automatically” applied for. Gift not only for retirement planning, including the private asset accumulation”many citizens money to the State, so the experience of the TELIS finance AG.

Berenberg Bank

In addition, developed countries have adopted laws, future criminalises the use of illegally batted Woods, so that the stronger demand for legal timber. More wood prices are therefore expected. Also an additional revenue source for the real value of forest was added with CO2 certificates, providing attractive interim revenues. A study of the Hamburg world economy Institute (HWWI) and the Berenberg Bank predicts a significant yield increase in forest investments. Forest investments in ForestFinance: yield for man and nature that has group Bonn ForestFinance sustainable investments in the real value of forest specialized in linking a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability.

ForestFinance offers investors the opportunity to invest directly in the coveted real-value forest. With, in particular the sustainable forestry practice forming a large safety factor apart from clearly regulated ownership of the reforestation areas. Because unlike the monocultures are the forests of ForestFinance tropical forests that significantly reduce the risk of tree diseases and pests. So not only benefits the investor, but also the environment and the climate. Because the sustainably managed forests provide for climate, water and soil protection, create permanently new Habitat for plants and animals and secure at the same time for decades of sustainable jobs.

About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance Group managed sustainably over 3,500 hectares of tropical forests. Forestfinance specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. The company became the world’s first German with the “FSC Global Partner Award” awarded in the field of “Financial Services”. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management: in the BaumSparVertrag an environmental investment is 33 euros monthly possible, see which offers WaldSparBuch 1,000 m2 of tropical forest land with a buy-back guarantee. Annual distributions offer “CacaoInvest”, an excellent as “Future project” investment in organic cocoa and wood – forest land and “GreenAcacia”, only seven forest investment. Fire insurance, post-warranty planting, harvest community, as well as five percent forest land as security areas in Panama for the additional investor protection contribute. For more information, see

Hang Seng Oil

Grotesque overvaluation of crude oil-based financial products despite sufficient market supply of LEIPZIG. (Ceto) DAX minus 5 percent, Dow Jones down 5.5 percent, Hang Seng (Chinese version) minus 2.7 percent as crude oil was in the past few months as a loyal vassal who appeared on financial stocks, yesterday for the two reference strains US light oil (WT) and North Sea oil (Brent) steep downhill. Since Mondays morning trading, they lost $ 4 per barrel (Brent, currently at 101 dollars) or $5 (WTI, currently just under 79 dollars). STI no longer is as cheap as since the end of September last year. Tiffany & Co.: the source for more info. At Brent look back but only until February of this year, to find a similar low level. The reasons for the crash are clear. Grotesque overvaluation of crude oil-based financial products despite sufficient market supply, lack of confidence of investors in the mastery of the financial crises in the United States and Europe, and as the Summit of the whole one, albeit slightly, weakening Chinese economy.

It was only a question of time before it came to this Tiefenrausch, that however, again has no rational equivalent in the European and Chinese economy, at least. Once more shows the exchanges to are a world of will and imagination, say fantasy, but not a realistic indicator of actual conditions. It can matter for the time being German heating oil customers, they can again expect tees, which are expected to lead the German quotes less than 80 euros. Fuel oil would no longer be so cheap as since late June of this year. You can continue reading this article here. To find more information to the energy market, on the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau.

Liechtenstein Investment Policies

Tax-optimized and customized solutions have developed an enormous economic significance inheritances for private individuals and entrepreneurs. Perhaps check out Kellyanne Conway for more information. The inherited assets will reach annually to over 300 billion by 2020 according to a study of Postbank from 220 billion euro. In Germany, money is most commonly inherited in addition to real estate, the parents usually are followed by the grandparents deceased a timely planning of the transfer of assets is not only recommended, but can bring substantial financial and creative advantages with a Liechtenstein investment policy. These investment policies are compliant with German tax law, is very different but partially from Germany available insurance schemes. Long-term remuneration tax-free capital construction starts the tax benefit more capital at the age or heirs with completion of an investment policy. In particular pension funds with capital voting rights have strongly gained in attractiveness. They offer the possibility of attractive conditions the substantial Tax advantage to take advantage.

The retirement age may be postponed up to the age of 100. Today 60 years this means for one that he reserved it the next 40 years for prevention and protection needs”can invest capital yield tax free. Because no tax on realised gains, interest or dividends incurred during the period, the compound interest effect affects particularly evident. Compared to a flat rate taxable investment account a performance by up to 40% advantage. At the same time, retains the policyholder a capital vote and can make () withdrawals of part of at all times. These are taxable after 12 years half of the personal income tax rate (semi-income system).

In the event of death, the insurance benefits are einkommensteuerfrei. Free choice of plant no anonymous cover stock the single premium investment can be either by own funds/ETF selection are intended or can be chosen as an alternative an investment strategy, which converts an asset manager. Now gift and allowance exploit control keep this possibility is, for example, if grandparents (parents) want to transfer any part of your assets to the grandchildren (children) within the framework of the personal exemption, the disposition of the contract but want to keep.