Style 50-ies. Women – the very modesty. The hair collected in the 'pony tail' or processed in the form of small hair pins with a banana, with a milled strands. Dresses and coats of H-and A-shaped silhouette up to the mid- calves. Appeared perlonovye stockings. Actual narrow pointed toes shoes with low heels. Style 60-ies. Appear the first hippies, defying society.

T-shirts are popular with a variety of text and graphics. Emerging fashion mini skirts (in 1966 Mary Quant appears in this shocking dress at Buckingham Palace to receive the Order of the British Empire for services to British exports). The image of women 60 symbolized Twiggy – mannequin-reed with a pair of eyes glued on the lash at a time. Woman effectively dyed: the eyes with marked fold century and artificial eyelashes, use black eyeliner. But the bright lipstick, eye shadow – also, no blush. Popular fleece with studs, high hairpieces, wigs, asymmetrical half-length or short hair, with an emphasis on the Cape, situated at the back.

The clothes used by black and white geometric patterns, popular silvery costumes. Hip length – mini, midi and maxi. Wear flared pants, wide belts, freely lying on the thighs. Appeared on the platform shoes, white boots are especially important, as a hippie – suede boots. Vamp It is a bright woman. Her makeup garish, contrast. Necessarily very long nails with decorations. Clothes original silhouettes with a large chest. It feels good to clear the tissues with a leopard pattern. Emphasizes the waist wide tight belt.