In this article want to make you see the importance that generates publish great content on your Web site to improve its position within the search engines, in this special case in the search #1 is nothing new that Google positions more quickly a website with good content that others who do not, to Google what more important is that your users find exactly what they seek and be content of value for the sameIf a website does not contain content, do that annoy Google in position it? It is what we are doing every day in, publish content daily to improve our positions within the search engines, so if you return to this Web site tomorrow you will see new content posted and also positioned on Google. My recommendation is to focus on is in writing more articles for their prospectus, publish Videos, Audio etc etc don’t think that will be revealing all your knowledge gradually, and also that what these free many people giving away do the following, not publishing content on your Web site and it saved everything to sell it in his product, why not achieve any position in search engines, which do not end up generating traffic whatsoever, much less the same sales, Grave Error. John mayer has plenty of information regarding this issue. In Internet to start with the right foot in a position, should give away content free simply by 2 things. 1 Position in the Buscadores2 – to go by establishing a loyalty with your niche of the market sales will come when you have obtained a position as an expert on search engines and found loyal correctly with your niche market. If you are from people who do not have the ability to write many articles, either because not you like and because not can, something to help him much is to publish articles of other people, I’m going to recommend an articles directory where you can find and publish it on your website or rather the same way distribute your articles to generate more traffic hope that this article you found liked.