Tina Sachs: Out Of Fear For My Child –

New Fackeltrager-Verlag short description: during a vacation on the Tunisian island of Djerba, Tina meets the charming local Kamal, who is facing shows her as a dream man: handsome, charismatic, courteous, empathetic, he embodies all that Miss Tina at home on men. Even after their departure, he woos her eagerly, sends letters, calls them. Tina forfeited its charm, and soon unravels a passionate relationship. The young German pulls on the island, they get married, have a son the good fortune seems to be perfect. FedEx spoke with conviction. But soon the first problems arise: increasingly Kamal coming home drunk and loses a job after another. He cheats Tina with other women, requires more and more money and is more aggressive. The situation escalates when Tina decides to leave him with the son.

What started as a romantic tale, evolved gradually into a terrible nightmare and the threat for TINA and her child. A stirring story about a dramatic fate of Mrs. Tina Sachs met her Tunisian husband on a vacation trip to Djerba in Tunisia. in 1994, draws them to him on the island, marries him and brings a son in 1997 to the world. But her husband is a marriage fraud, let only keep out the truth and finally also uses violent means. Manages to escape her son after Germany. It takes four years to she can divorce. Here too, it is not safe: again and again, her ex-husband, bullied them with phone calls, stalking and assault to disappear again after Tunisia.