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Economic Development

In this component of the project, the joined alternative was the inclusion of part of the group in activities of selective collection and the commercialization of solid residues. – Water Ours the Program Water Ours, of the Company of Sanitation of the Federal District (Caesb) was created in 2002. The Program consists of the implantation […]

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Communication Advice

In the quarter Association of inhabitants does not exist Communitarian Advice nor, these basic ones for the structural locality that institutions development. The creation and performance of these agencies become urgent, as form to stimulate the social mobilization and the claim for better conditions of life before the municipal public agencies. Still it has very […]

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Majorcan Ramon Lull

In the waterworks of the (1232-1315), we have discovered combinatorial patterns with colors, letters, and geometric figures, which many see the first signs of the computer. Making an extremely free use and in turn limited by our own capabilities of the art combinatorial; start the specifics of our approach, considering the sides of a triangle […]

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Public Power

(Writing given for the Law n 7,803 of 18.7.1989); i) in the areas metropolitans defined in law. (Alnea added for the Law n 6,535, of 15.6.1978). Art. 3 They are considered, still, of preservation permanent, when thus declared for act of the Public Power, the forests and too much destined forms of natural vegetation: ) […]

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Hoteleiros Enterprises

At a time in which we try to fight the deforestation, to acquire knowledge the people on the extreme water consumption and its pollution, pollution of the ground and air, where we see recent notice on oil spilling in our seas and the Brazilian unpreparedness of the company to prevent these ambient disasters, valley to […]

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Enterprise Support

This and filantropia. Social responsibility is much more that this, is the commitment of the company in to contribute with the development, well-being and the improvement of the quality of life of its employees, its families and the community in general; it starts with the respect to that they work in the organization, to its […]

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Emflora Forest Enterprises

The project of social action of the Emflora Forest Enterprises, ' ' Emflora in Ao' ' , it innovates for its characteristic to multidiscipline and improved methodologies applied in the activities of the project next to the communities. With ability and simplicity it grants to that they integrate entorno of the activities of the true […]

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