Economic Advantages

Certified Professional English intensive program. Certified Professional intensive English program will take your English skills at a high professional level, and will build your knowledge of international business. It is a program of independent study and intensive instruction in the classroom that provides all the tools you need to learn and apply the approach for a variety of professions (finance, marketing, law, human resources) are international business, American vocabulary of business, and concepts and cultural factors that affect international business practice. You will have a practice talk that will help you to use English in a confidential manner. Another benefit is to strengthen your general English, grammar, and vocabulary. Certificate English program intensive professional will help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Students receive a certificate of professional English by completing the program: a verification of the skills of English language of the student and his knowledge Professional. Professional professional English classes English classes are designed to allow students significantly improve their communication skills in English and understand the practical professional and business fundamentals.

In the classroom, there will be arguments relevant, and vivid game of roles and presentations. Interesting materials and activities will help you develop and improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The professional vocabulary and knowledge are integrated within the various topics, including: communication skills with emphasis in intercultural communication. Socialization in business and interpersonal communication. Presentations and public speaking leadership and motivation in the workplace writing business reports although the topics and discussions focus on the cultural influence of communication in English for business and private life. Materials are customized to fit different backgrounds, skills learning and style of the students. Hours of laboratory component of autonomous study of the program uses a learning software for the language that is flexible, fun and proven results. It is a dynamic learning environment that combines audio, text and images.

You can work by yourself at your own level and pace, and choose professional situations and vocabulary specific to that you want to work. Some examples are: participate in a wide range of discussions with customers or partners, and telephone conversations. You can also learn and practise general English, such as having social conversations and making travel plans. All the skills involved in improving your English practical and professional are covered: writing, reading, listening, speaking and use grammar correctly. Conclusion these programs are undoubtedly aimed primarily at all those people who are willing to invest in your professional development and they see these courses as a short or medium-term investment, investment what at the end you will be redituada with better opportunities labour, growth inter-relationships and without doubt a significant economic increase. In summary, any person who participates in these programs with sincere interest and dedication will be more competitive and will be better prepared for the business future that wait for him. English scholarships, grants to study languages, studying English, scholarships to study English, information about scholarships, scholarships abroad, language scholarships