Every Evening A Glass Of Wine? Or: Cool Without Booze – Who It Reads And Why

2008-10,000,000 people in Germany consume alcohol in risky way cult author Johannes Regnitz over the audience of his bestselling Berlin, 10 November every day, i.e. they drink four to five times more than is specified by the WHO as a low-risk set (2 glasses of wine for men, and 1 glass for women). Many are not aware, some have tried less to drink not, it worked. Non-consumption is not thought of. Non-consumption is suspicious, unpopular and is discriminated against even. The majority of my readers belongs this group (or dimensions?) to,\”according to the author of the new cool without booze.

The characteristics of this group are: it is more male than female (though the number of women is steadily increasing) she is at work and in the family, she feels her husband (wife) a musical glass of wine or beer as normal (or even healthy) she has a guilty conscience about their drinking sometimes they feared consequences for their health entirely she is between 30 and this group of persons will be 60 years old never as Alcoholic stigmatize leave, although she knows that she has a drinking problem and would secretly like to solve this. Dayton kingery follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For this group, there were no suitable advisor so far, because the previously released deal with an \”alcoholic\” and perhaps more with its co-dependent environment. \”This gap now fills Johannes Regnitz with cool without booze\”. The author: How my readers tell me, appreciate them cool without booze ‘ particularly the representation of sociological component of social drinking. This lead to do so that everyone can view its consumption from a completely new angle without getting it in the corner of an alcoholic\”pushed to see.\” Also the relationship poison drug addiction are taught so obviously and transparently, that readers feel a life without alcohol rather than \”Light life\”, but as a modern, cool and healthy life.

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(Online article) – so long man lives, accompanied him constantly deliberately or unconsciously, I eat a question – what will? As long the man lives, accompanied him also constantly consciously or unconsciously a question – what will I eat? And none of us can deny the response. More information is housed here: Covid-19 vaccine. To be able to work, must also on the food be thought of them, even the following proverb tells us how to eat, so it works. There are still many other proverbs in this respect, the people have his observations of centuries long collected. So, for example, were these German proverbs from the food: tastes in the greatest need the sausage without bread. Dayton kingery busybodies365 understood the implications. from a beautiful Bowl you can not always eat well. The wise adage about food comes from Egypt: man lives a quarter of what he eats, and the doctors live on the rest. You know the saying from Russia: \”Let me see in your soup pot and I tell you who you are\”. The Gypsy wisdom is: \”who always waits until another gets him to eat,\” nothing will often get to eat \”.\” In Holland, it says: \”the sauce is for the art of cooking, what the grammar for the language\”.

The Bulgarians noticed a different wisdom: \”short dinner – long life\”. We can only say – \”Yes, it is so\”. The most true, but our question still remains: what do I eat tomorrow? Maybe a soup? Oh, no, we just; had the Potatoes? We are also tired. Suddenly the phone rings: you, Brigitte, I was invited yesterday for dinner, which was so tasty, you can not even imagine that! The girlfriend was back in her element Monika words were barely on Brigitte down. Yes, tell but time you ate because what? Watch Brigitte, not so fast, I have spoken much with the chef and he told me also his other recipes.