Pension Data

Based on the driving car charged at the rate as is every year in the autumn, we are also just now in the Wechselsaison of the insurance. Whether it be but more expensive or cheaper, is not clearly anticipated this year. Therefore everyone should compare the prices of different suppliers, because motorists can save money by switching the car insurance. Even experts advise to the comparison can be performed easily by anyone through an insurance calculator on the Internet. And this comparison is particularly important since the motor insurer new stand every year and recalculate the tariffs.

But here, it should be noted that the price makes alone already have good insurance. A German insurer is a whole new way to attract customers now and wants to collect travel data with a kind of black box in the car which then are evaluated by the insurance and the new car tariff is calculated on the basis of. By this tariff, which is offered by the S direct, a specialized subsidiary of Sparkasse, motorists could go ahead and carefully, in the future be rewarded for their driving style. That at least is the idea that lies behind this tariff. The S direct customers have the possibility that referred to as S-drive offer in addition to their car insurance to complete and save up to five percent of their fare. For this purpose, the customer needs a cigarette box-large telematics box, which is installed in the car and costs 71,40 euro annually. By the insurance, the customer then receives a point account, which stands for the discount credit.

According to the insurer S direct the telematics box developed by the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica gathers GPS-based data over the distance, travel time, speed, and the braking performance. Should register the telematics box, thereby exceeding a speed limit or regular speed, points will be deducted the vehicle users. And the fewer points remain, the less the rebate fails at the end. The data of the vehicle is initially SSL-encrypted in the data center by Telefonica in London sent and stored there anonymously. Therefore store the customer data solely with the insurance and the actual driving data at Telefonica. Then only the number of kilometres and the point values calculated on the basis of driving are transmitted to the insurance. However, privacy advocates are skeptical of the new car price and request that customers prior to the conclusion of the contract would have to be elucidated extensively on the collection of data. A further point of criticism is that the box the customer annually costs money. Therefore should be exactly calculate each of the insurance provider, how much the new system can actually be saved at the end.