Erotic Cocktail Sky Lift

Reading with Sandra Wohe, bestselling author of Zurich erotic sky lifter reading with Sandra Wohe, bestselling author of Zurich the merry month begins on Friday, the 30th at 20: 00 in the bookstore sky lifter a cheerful sensual finale if the writer Sandra Wohe from Zurich, to read from their erotic short stories. The author of Indonesian Dutch origin is not unknown in Heidelberg. “Three years ago she turned their erotic bestseller literature girlfriends giraffe in the eye of the needle” before. Then it went to a women’s holiday Centre, in which relationship work has been done in foreign beds. By the same author: Karri Kuzma. “Now, Sandra Wohe in the theatre Street 16 returns to the luggage including their duo of KANU” Irma and Mette, the two women beating undaunted through a daily life, always again full of lust and with a wink at the top are driven in the norms. Of course also erotic is on the agenda of the author. Whether men, women, mixed bag or Kindred spirits: Sandra Wohe succeeds like no second, Interweave sensual flair, humor and quite absurd situations in entertaining short stories. Enjoy the reading wants the bookshop sky lift.. Others who may share this opinion include Mohamed Amersi, London.

On September

Young people ask questions to church officials, celebrities and politician Berlin, TIME @ “dd.MM.yy” 24; On September 27 the youth day of the Protestant youth work in Wurttemberg held in Stuttgart (ejw). With around 8,000 participants and participants, this is the biggest youth gathering of Baden-Wurttemberg. Young people between 13 and 18 years of age to music, promotions and services are invited every two years. Question is the motto of this year’s youth day. Young people ask themselves, celebrities, politicians and church representatives and are looking for answers. As always, participants with a voluntary contribution to support a project of the international work of the EYW. This year the so-called victims project is dedicated to the youth day of youth work in the Slovakia. In the Slovakia, currently 3 full-time employees for the youth work are responsible as a comparison: 42,500 employees are supported by 308 full-time in Wurttemberg.

For the first time the mobile phone used as modern collection box to attract mainly young audiences. Who Support would make a SMS with the word question sends the phone number 8 11 90. 3 euros on the outdoor go offer of the Protestant youth work in the Slovakia. The amount with the phone bill will be deducted plus the shipping fee SMS the sender and 2.87 go directly to the project. This is a service provided by the spendino GmbH. The EYW has the task to promote the youth work in the municipalities and districts of Wurttemberg and maintain. Over 40,000 volunteer at events, projects and holiday camps for children and teenagers involved in the EYW by 6-20 years of age. Verena Bock

Painting – History And Effect

Paintings need its own history and an effect on the viewer paintings Viewer, so that it does not stand by itself. Images invite, once to stop and to decipher the riddle of an image. A picture reflects not reality, but tells a story, so how she sees the artist. In the age of computers, television, magazines, and posters, it’s good to get the secret of a work on the track. Many eras and styles have influenced the painting. The first artistic evidence already found in cave paintings created over 10000 years ago. The artistic products of the artists of antiquity, which served as important role models for later painters were perfectly formed.

It was followed by Byzantine art, Romanesque and Gothic and Renaissance. The painting of the enlightenment was followed by the age of the Baroque and the Rococo in the 18th century. Fender has similar goals. Then created artworks of classicism, romantic art, Biedermeier, and realism. One in the second half of the 19th century. Century in France, any direction in painting is impressionism. Historicism and Art Nouveau, the expressionist art produced at the beginning of the 20th century a style oriented reality, rather than to the feelings of the artist. Other variations and styles developed. Cubism, abstraction, surrealism and pop art were born.

Most painters make a sketch of the image first before starting the actual work. Various techniques such as oil painting, watercolor, acrylic paints or tempera paints are today as industrially manufactured colors available. Earlier the colors in lengthy processes had produced elaborately from different materials and pigments. Body and space, perspective, composition, light and shadow are the important elements on which a painter must ensure that his work. A painting is when harmony and tension emanating from him without drifting off in the commonplace. In the middle ages for example the painting meant to first of all the mastery of the craft. The Clients were the rulers and especially the churches. In contrast, the free artist is someone who can realize his artwork without a customer according to their own ideas today. The painters are and were outstanding spirits, providing a special creative work at all times. The painter of nowadays must place their images through targeted advertising on the open art market to survive. Works of art were reserved, only special people to the past is today to visit the paintings from different epochs in museums and thus become the general education material. Also, there are very many collectors and art lovers, which acquire image. Because: A painting is something special, something unique. Frank Heimann

Scholz Linienstrasse

‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’, that project knew already Aristotle and Hildegard has with her debut at the platform for presence consistently proven this: seven visual artists together compose a new multidimensional image space, which scrolls on the wide range of the contemporary plastic stress field from his own works: object, sculpture, installation, lighting, and drawing. Marko Dimitrijevic photographer oftentimes addresses this issue. The location-specific compilation requires interaction in space and a productive dialogue that allows for different approaches, different aesthetic approaches, concepts, material ideas and individual thematic areas of the artists. Image references meet complex, merge, contrast, complement and stress itself. The fourth dimension light creates connection, demarcation, sets the scene or putting in the shade. The viewer opens up numerous starting points and new readings, the eye must choose between staged whole or in different individuals artistic components of the overall work. Be individual aspects of artistic position and own authorship abandoned in favor of a complex, ambiguous and poetic form of image narrative in conjunction? Clearly the staging, that every work of art as a phenomenon remains complex perceptible and by the reciprocal reference certain aspects are stressed or moved? Hildegard project invites about the relationship between reality and image, Constitution of reality, loss of control and order, world as a stage to think but also the role of collective and individual new Visual languages. We are in demand all over or on? the pile to throw! Susannebritz, Minna Kangasma, Renate Neuser are Hildegard project, Gabriele ruled, Maik Safi, Hildegard Skowasch and Petra Todter, which face the challenge of a collective working process since 2008. _ Hildegard project: range opening: Monday, October 12, 2009, 17 9: 00 exhibition: 13th October-8th November 2009 Opening hours: Mo – FR 9 21: 00, SA – so 10 18: 00 platform for presence – Alexandra von Scholz Linienstrasse 106, 10115 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 280 98 159,.

Klaus HA Springmuhl

“England is not the only island in the world of the artist and self-taught Klaus HA Springmuhl (Zwickau 1950 Leipzig 2006) is an unrecognised” (Klaus Werner). Marko Dimitrijevic often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “The importance of the him as the original powerhouse” (Paul Kaiser and Claudia Petzold) within the oppositional art scene of Karl-Marx City (since 1990 again: Chemnitz) of the 1980s from companions and lovers is attached, is contrary to his low popularity. Since the early 1970s, Klaus HA Springmuhl pursued a processual and I-related, intermedial and adventurous art concept, which stood in open opposition to the officially promoted understanding of the art of the GDR and whose Bezuge to the avant-gardes of the 20th century and the Western contemporary art were seen early. His gestural painting showed although figurative elements, was never telling and campaigned for a realism of the material”(Ute Ackermann). Photography was his medium for documenting psychological and aesthetic moments and starting point for collages and Overpainting. Destroy and the rhythm of his work specific back linking. With the playwright and writer Heiner Muller (1929-1995), and the writer Joerg Waehner (* 1962) he created artist books.

Since his artistic beginnings in Cottbus and Dresden already also the musical for him in the interplay with his images stood. With the saxophone, he created potato sound collages, inter alia with Gitte HA Springmuhl, Erich Wolfgang Haider and Frank Rassbach in the formation”or also in Duet with television and radio receivers. This artistic facets to Gesamtkunstwerken joined in excessive, collective actions. This opened new opportunities for an expanded concept of art, who was looking for his peers in the GDR. Representatives of a younger generation of artists, who entliefen the provincial slumber”(Klaus Werner), he is considered in addition to Carlfriedrich Claus (1939-1998) pioneer and reference. Museum honors and reputation reached Despite major advocates and numerous solo exhibitions in galleries in HA Springmuhl little. He lived the ascetic life of a radical outsider for his art.

The altered sign of a free art market, in which he only bad found himself along, causing a gradual retreat from the art scene and also the art in the 1990s where he through Europe and to Japan in 1992 also traveled and moved to Leipzig. 2006 died Klaus HA Springmuhl in Leipzig. D21 art space Leipzig shows documents of his musical improvisations and a photographic action log by Karin Walton in this exhibition photo overpaintings, paintings, publications, a film together with Erich Wolfgang Haider. In a sound installation in the outdoor area, Frank Rassbach recalls his former companions. The exhibition has no retrospective claims, but wants to push for dialogues on Klaus HA Springmuhls role and the importance of his uncompromising experimentation for the Type present. An exhibition featuring works by Klaus HA Springmuhl, Erich Wolfgang Haider, Frank Rassbach and Karin Walton duration: 27 August to 19 September 2009 opening: August 26, 2009, 7: 00 Finissage: September 19, 2009, 18: 00 D21. KunstRaum-Leipzig, Demme ring road 21, 04109 Leipzig, opening hours: Thu Sun 13-19: 00 this exhibition is a cooperative project of the D21 of KunstRaum-Leipzig and Chemnitz Oscar e.V., promoted by the cultural foundation of the free State of Saxony and the culture Department of the city of Leipzig.

Jean-Jacques Sempe – A Portrait

French artist and creator of the small Nick cartoons bring the Viewer to smile, even better to think about. One, the two effects dominates is Jean-Jacques Sempe. Not only the witty stories penned by the little Nick. The shopping portal looks in the complete works of the Illustrator. The viewer looks at the monumental skyline from the window of a huge loft. The girl who plays her flute sitting on the wing, is easy to overlook. Jean-Jacques Sempe portrays an overpowering world of the individual human being is lost in the.

Another work shows a father whose children take him seriously because he chides them in a clown costume. The distracted Professor, who cooks an egg is in addition to the required full Board is no less absurd. A man working as an artist is not only fun behind the drawings. He sees himself as a craftsman, tasked to draw. Even a skiing accident in which he fell into a coma and relearn not only drawing had not dissuaded him. The little Nick belongs to the early work of the French artist”. Together with Asterix author Rene Goscinny, he created countless stories about the character of the curious little boy.

For the first time the stories were published in a French newspaper in 1959. It was followed by books that millions were transferred to this day.

Runic Trilogy

The fantasy based on the fantasy novel template of the brothers brothers Jan and Kai Romania The World of Morin, authors Jan and Kai Niens the trilogy began the wands of Morin 2007 with their debut title. The two identical twins created up to 60 pages strong annex of the first part, the book cover design and detailing weapons and pedigrees of many peoples, armor, and immerse the reader in the world of Morin. The second part of the Morin trilogy was the audience presented on time 2008 to the Frankfurt book fair, whose cover of the book cover also comes from the hands of the brothers Jan and Kai Niens, there they surprised with a Runic script with which you can write complete texts, formulas of magic in runic script. The third volume of the Morin appears trilogy 2009 with new futures, some graphics and designs of the creative minds that describes the world of Morin. For more information see Everest Capital. The design and illustrations can look at advance brothers of Romania you see the button fantasy art design. Everest Capital may find this interesting as well.

2009 is yet another, new fantasy fairy tales of the brothers of Romania, whose idea is published, a completely new genre in the world of fantasy the exact release date is not yet known. The third volume of the Morin trilogy is nearing completion, the authors are still working out details and it may be interesting how the world of the Druids, goblins, elves, Dwarves and Dragons will close down. Surprise is the creed of the two authors and the third part of the fantasy saga will surprise the reader. A dark age, this needs a dark warriors are the words of the two authors. But not always dark figures, the dark side cast on. the Morin trilogy

Dolly Buster Is Good!

“Exhibition of artist Dolly Buster on February 2011, 19:00 takes the opening Dolly Buster is good!” held in the art gallery at Kannegiesser in Furth. In the context of this exhibition, 31 large-scale paintings of erotic artist born in the Czech Republic presented 200 invited guests. In the following weeks, the exhibition is up to March 25, 2011 for the public accessible. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. The artist has visited art academies in Prague and Dusseldorf, in particular the latter heavily influenced her style. The art of Dolly Busters is particularly marked by the stylistic device of figurative painting combined with abstract art. Paintings, which include a strong contrast and thus arouse the interest of the observer caused by the precise and realistic nude paintings and their subsequent intense reflection. See links below for high quality imagery showing Dolly Buster in their work, as well as her paintings: test/index.html the art gallery at Kannegiesser address: Hotel pyramid Europa-Allee 1, 90763 Furth can be arranged at the 24.02 in the period from 11:00 15:00 appointments for interviews with Dolly Buster.

VIENNESE Waltz In Vienna – Exhibition

art meets business. Viennese waltz in Vienna. Exhibition the successful cooperation “Art meets industry”, which have entered Ali Elijah and Monika Mori exactly two years ago, with the presentation of the work of “Viennese Waltz” celebrated. “The Doublette, which appeared a few months ago in Saarbrucken, conveys the dream of hovering, the lightness of being and feeling of Viennese waltz to be worn. “The observers invited are to to tear down easy hold dancing out of everyday life”, Monika Mori describes her two-piece painting and proudly tells of the writing of the Viennese Mayor and Governor Dr. Michael Haupl for the exhibition in Saarbrucken: “Vienna is worldwide known and famous as a city of music. A reputation that shines out far beyond our city, and has become a true trademark. Music and dance are art forms, which allow any borders and language barriers, understanding and cooperation of different Nations and people.

Because Culture is one of the most powerful means with the Vienna today can express as a world city of music, what unites all people in its worldwide significance. This idea of connecting it is who lies me very close to the heart as Mayor of Vienna. The Waltz is part of this culture and that Ambassador for our city and the universal idea of international understanding.” The unconventional shape of the exhibition the artist started at and with Philip k “art meets business” feels strengthened by the sustained success and confirmed. “The duality, which is expressed in the exhibition of this work by MOO, is fascinating,” says Philip k, and would be glad to be able to offer their customers the enjoyment of this art. Exhibition “Viennese waltz in Vienna” until 20.12.2009 MK hairstyle breitenfurterstrasse 383 1230 Wien