What Exactly is Coaching?

When we talk about Coaching, many people ask all kinds of questions what is it?, In what is it?, “Those involved in this process?, A coaching process will they be able to benefit?, Can serve to improve your life?. Taking all these issues, in this paper, we can solve some of them, through the analysis of certain definitions, prestigious and renowned pioneers in this field and widely used in the world of coaching. I hope that will be useful. As a Personal Coach, how many times I’ve heard that question, and the reason I made that, since the word itself Coaching, and especially in our country is not a term that will help us greatly in this regard. Fortunately it is becoming better known, has already come a certain way in their diffusion and practice, especially in the business world, but we still have far to go. Coaching is an art, a tool in itself, consisting of many others.

Coaching draws from many sources, is like life itself, which writes and draws, in turn, to share experiences with many other lives. The sources from which feeds are psychology, philosophy, sociology, HR, the business management … apart from the experience of professional coaches, who are contributing ideas and methods constantly. That is why the definitions can be made of this discipline are many and varied. A widely used definition is the one that says: “Coaching is unlocking the potential of a person to maximize their performance. Is to help you learn rather than teach “(J. Whitmore). If you analyze it, in it we find two very important points on which the whole process is based Coaching: 1.-All persons have the potential to explore and develop, a2.

“A very important pillar argues that coaching is learning. Without learning this process will become ineffective. Another definition to consider is: “The coaching covers the gap between what is now and what want to be. It is a professional relationship with another person who accept only the best of you and will advise, guide and encourage to go beyond the limitations that you impose on yourself and do your full potential “(Talan Miedaner). From it we get the following conclusions: “It is a path of personal growth, self-knowledge, and results in achieving better results in our lives and achieving metas-professional relationship is established with the Coach, which is responsible for giving support, encouragement, guidance, planning. “The Coach helps people to focus towards the goal and to overcome the limitations and fears that arise during the entire journey. As you can see with only two definitions can clarify the question that gave title to this article: What is it the coaching? These lines are intended to shed light on this concept, although this is much more extensive than any definition can provide. The most satisfying thing is to experience it in first person, so that that experience through their own conclusions obtained, and incidentally, the multiple benefits of a coaching process.