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Friends4Stars looking for Tokio Hotel fans! You’re a real Tokio Hotel fan? Know everything about the boys, events, tour dates, appearances, autograph signings and interviews? You know the latest rumors, the latest gossip and gossip? You have your own photos of you with the boys the last concert and fan meeting? For nobody does what you? Then you are exactly right in Friends4Stars. Do you now under for the Tokyo hotel star group to share your knowledge, is part of the free Starcommunity, hotel exchanges with other Tokyo you fans and hotel star group invite your friends or new fans to the Tokyo. Friends4Stars is a Starcommunity by fans for fans. Each star has its own star group which you can join. You’re not only fan from Tokyo hotel, but also by other stars and are active on various fan sites? Okay, no problem! As a member of Friends4Stars, you can login in all star groups in which you are interested in, and can so easily inform you about all your stars on a platform and talk to other fans. Friends4Stars is free and independent publisher. Fans and celebrities have to adjust current star information in the online Starcommunity the possibility, to interact with each other with like-minded people or to unleash your star passion with creativity and journalistic track, to find old or new friends with the same interests, to form networks to stars and to live star culture together. Friends4Stars offers all known community features, videos, photos and music upload, to look at or listen, to post comments, send messages or to keep blogs. The mobile features make a real star reporter from each fan at Friends4Stars. More information & press contact: Friends4Stars Toni Smagg email: deinteam @


Members of celebrate Munich again together, January – the idea of a meeting in Berlin, originated from the proactive of participant in out which took place in October 2008 found and was rewarded with a high number of visitors. On this occasion, over 1000 members from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland came extra to Berlin. Due to the consistently positive experiences and experiences of all neighbors”in Berlin, was now a done deal the repetition of this event. The Organization of now hopefully regular meetings runs largely through the Group Townbuddy parties for”on Intra-group communication, the locations of the party are discussed and decided, as well as organized rides and accommodation. The ceremony in Hamburg with a buffet is to be opened at 18: 00.

The Internet radio radio hit is for the first time “-be team LIVE on-site and give a listen to sample and as usual the music wishes of the revelers neighbors” meet. Especially those who unfortunately could be in Berlin there, have now found friends personally the possibility to learn and left with them to celebrate. Also, the Organization of this meeting will be insured by the inlet to the celebration is to ensure only the members. On the occasion of again instead of taking meeting and of the success of the first, the line of the portal plans an own, little surprise for the members who will be present at the party in Hamburg. She want to so its members show their joy, producing their idea to bring each other people works so well and so many friendships for life and even love. is an online platform, where can people find and replace. Each Member creates a private profile, which is itself mostly with image and information about themselves for this. This open Portal provides an ideal platform to any user. Because you can win not only friends, but also stakeholders form or also flea market items to buy and sell. More information under: Matthias Muller

World AIDS Day On December 1

SODI calls for more financial commitments for the fight against HIV/AIDS Germany while for 2011 to 2013 a total 600 million euro to the Global Fund in view of raised, only significant protests of civil society. Because these funds by far insufficient to combat HIV/AIDS worldwide, SODI prompts the Federal Government continue to increase the resources. The Berlin non-governmental organization solidarity service international enters one of the regions hit hardest by HIV mainly in sub-Saharan Africa the HIV/AIDS education. Together, SODI encourages with his partner Gezubuso projects in the Southern African region of KwZulu-Natal HIV/AIDS educational programmes for children and young people. According to the South African survey, nearly 16 percent of the population of HIV/AIDS are affected the most teenagers and young adults in this region. The cause is often lack of sex education. Also, HIV/AIDS awareness projects and information campaigns are prevalent offered in cities. Therefore the rate of HIV/AIDS in rural areas is particularly high”, so Juanita MacKay, Director of Gezubuso projects.

With the SODI project, a total of over 4,000 students and pupils be elucidated about HIV/AIDS. The boys and girls are taught together this creates mutual understanding. Enlightenment teaching above all by means of colouring books and talks takes place at the younger age groups. However, discussions and role-playing games take place in older classes. By early enlightenment, awareness can be created already in childhood for this life-threatening disease. To further support projects to the HIV/AIDS education in South Africa, we need your donations under the password of South Africa”on the SODI donations 10 20 100 at the Bank for social economy, BLZ 100 205 00.

Germany Competition

A competition for a generational coexistence the Hamburg Club way out of the loneliness of e.V.(Wade) starts with the competition discovered experience explorers 2013 “in the 2.Runde. The European year for active ageing and intergenerational solidarity and dedication of Maxi Arland for our Club and for the SOS Children’s village was decisive to initiate the competition. A contest for generations with the competition experience discovered discoverer”2013 Wade calls, to develop ideas and to realize sustainable and positively influenced the solidarity between of the generations by a generational togetherness. Older people often feel lonely and underutilized. Children, grandchildren and relatives live far away or have little time to take care of the family. Many seniors have time and experience that want to pass them, they have simply no opportunities to do so also. Children and young people have often a few older relatives in the immediate vicinity and Thus, no contacts with the old”generation. By missing positive experiences with the older generation, hardly understanding can grow at a young age, so, already. Click Macy’s to learn more.

Also, contacts that you can have time and pass on experience are often lacking. This situation is to change it, because children and young people to go without any reservations on the older generation. You learn with enthusiasm by the experiences and enjoy the gifts active time. Here our competition should apply what sustainable and future-oriented ideas are developed today or have already been implemented? Which projects can have as a role model to emulate both generations to bring together and to generate activities understanding and close together? These are the central questions of competition. We call on institutions, clubs and communities from the seniors and the children and youth sector in whole Germany to apply with new, creative, active, regular and sustainable, common with a projects or ideas Activities to bring about a better understanding between the young and old generation.