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Serviced apartment instead of long-term hotel stay which was concept of serviced apartments long unknown and established only recently. A fully equipped apartment which is rented for short and long stays, offering additional services such as chauffeur services, running errands, or household cleaning of partner companies is meant by that. Who want to give so not on the comfort of a hotel, but also not as permanent hotel guests want to spend his stay is with landlords by serviced apartments at the right address. This type of accommodation is one of the most sought-after residential properties for short or long term stays in major cities. This development is particularly on the needs of the lessee, whether it is to businessmen, diplomats or other international businessmen due to. Who professionally resides for a certain period of time in Vienna is no longer forced into an expensive hotel rooms, in which it remains only eternal guest, to reside, but decides often for a cosy and homely atmosphere in a well-equipped apartment. They have other advantages as well as separate living and sleeping areas.

As provider of serviced apartments also provide for much more about offered services such as the cleaning of the apartment and the completion of purchases through partner companies. Also, the apartments through her personal ambience can achieved more success. The apartment is fully equipped, laundry and coffee machine, Wi-Fi and TV. You can visit and even Cook. The serviced apartments offer better quality of residence than a hotel room and therefore you can feel right at home. Living in serviced apartments Hotel regular instead of people who travel a lot are professionally, stay as Manager, pilots or diplomats, and a certain amount of time in Vienna, nowadays rather take the offer of an all inclusive apartments claim to stay for several weeks in a hotel room rather than.

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Especially high value in set (in-house) professional development opportunities. To the surprise of many hoteliers is also the image of the employer (keyword: employer branding) a key factor in the selection of a job in the hospitality industry. Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are attractive for many professionals. With regard to the characteristics of the region, the study among other things showed that the scenic peculiarities of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania constitute a special incentive for local and drawn to professionals. So, an attractive and quiet location of their workplace is long term important half of all respondents, grew up in a large – or town professionals. For the Lander continues to speak to all surveyed already in Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern working professionals can imagine to stay too long in the regions.

Overall, there is a high potential of skilled workers from the concerned as well as from other regions, which very easily can imagine, to work specifically in Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Hotels must act and take advantage of untapped potential. A further finding of the study is that many measures used to find and bind employees so far little or not by the hotels. Potentials in the recruitment and retention of professionals are often unexploited. According to German consulting hoteliers must measures both in their own as well as in competition with other industries strongly individual and especially tailored to the needs of professionals in order to compete in the long term in the battle for the professionals. There are already well trained professionals in a self-conscious negotiating position. Only by adjusting the recruiting and staff retention measures at the specific Needs of professionals a shortage can be avoided.

The 57-Seitige brochure with all results and concrete recommendations for action to each theme can be used for 39.90 (incl. 19% VAT. the following link be ordered: contact: German consulting GbR Eva-Maria German Mecklenburg str. 87-88 10713 Berlin Tel: 030-992 50 419 eMail: Web: German consulting is a Berlin consultancy for hotels and has its specialization in strategic human resource management and marketing.) With a total of 12 years of industry experience in the hotel industry and tourism German consultants know consulting both the expectations and needs of the guests, as well as the concerns and daily challenges of hoteliers.

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Only through active presence on Google +, Pinterest, and Twitter hotels might their digital Dramatically increase visibility. In the end it comes online by the target group to be found and to leave the desired digital fingerprint”, so Jaber further. The hotels vary in visibility in the Google search engine. It consults the visibility index, for example, achieve Center Parcs Bungalow Park Hochsauerland ‘ and Center Parcs Bispinger Heide Bungalow Park’ with a value of 7.22 of the highest score, while ‘Sofitel Munich Bayerpost’ has a value of 0. Considered one other online factors such as blog and newsletter customer loyalty is, that dominate the hotel chains at the expense of individuality of the individual hotels: 72 percent of the hotels use a single newsletter of the hotel chain, whereas only 20 percent offered an own newsletter. On the subject of hotel blog, there are only eight percent of the hotels, which lead to an individual blog.

Positive on that hotel apps gain increasing importance for the hotels. So, 63 percent of the hotels offer a hotel chain app. The same image is reflected in the Locationportalen: most hotels are represented at least at a Locationportal. The largest share of two portals is represented by 31 percent. Only four per cent can be found on any of the portals. To download the overall rankings of the 100 best-selling hotels in Germany, as well as detailed study results with pictures and graphics to download you will find under: l/social-media-hotel-online-marketing-studie.html press contact Stefanie Jarantowski Managing Director / CEO eventsofa T + 49 30 7677 5150 on eventsofa eventsofa is the marketplace for event locations on the Internet. On, event organisers will find over 6,000 locations in Germany, which can be booked for business or pleasure. Behind the Berlin online startup is a broad network with specialists from the fields of event, online marketing and technology. Founder Stefanie Jarantowski worked in the event and PR industry for many years and has the necessary experience and knowledge of the interfaces.