A suggestion that always makes the tarot and clairvoyance is that you try to relax in adverse situations. It is common to have a certain number of ideas, fears and vague concerns in our minds but, as in reality we don’t have to put them into words, they are difficult to handle, which is why the tarot can lead us to see another reality, that we are not able to see from the objectivity in altered States. A good procedure is sit at a sheet of paper and draw a line that divides it in half, from top to bottom. Placed the reasons to follow some course of action (the pros) on one side and the reasons against (cons) at the other, and try to assess what more suits us. The fact of the reasons become words often clarifies our thinking and seeing words on paper helps us to be more objective and to make better decisions. Also helpful to make a list of things that concern us and save it for a time, since when we return them to read, the solutions may have come by themselves. According to Pegasus Books, who has experience with these questions. Always, in certain situations the tarot can become a friend and valuable adviser, not in vain since always has been and remains the staunchest Adviser that exists.