Gil De Biedma

JAIME GIL DE BIEDMA (1929-1990) “Advancing the rains, and the Government, meeting in council of ministers, do not know if you are studying at this time unemployment benefit or the right to dismissal, or simply isolated in an ocean, simply wait for the storm to pass and forward to the day, the day finally come to stop the bad things given. “Gil de Viedma. Sad Night in October, 1959. THE VOICE OF THE TEACHER Poetic Gil de Viedma is presented, first as heir to the splendid Generation of ’27, whose shadow has done his training as an artist. For another, he is certainly the poet of his generation-the so-called “Poetic Group 50 Years” – which has more echo among the poets of subsequent promotions.

Gil de Viedma has reached what we call “teaching poetry.” poet is known for cultivating a poetry that makes the colloquial language and a particular use of irony, its most authentic. “The poetry that I aspire to do is not communion,” said Gil de Viedma-but conversation, dialogue. ” Biedma discovers romantic affiliation always this double movement that leads to romanticize and mystify almost a reality, so, then, make fun of himself. Its anti-rhetorical stance and the different shades (ranging from the intimate to social) form part of a strategy to make his work appear as drawn up by a writer who takes on the tradition and uses that, in turn, is separated from it by building and a very personal speech. The human side that penetrates from his life in literary texts is the sweet sentimentality of a morally and socially committed man.