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Beautifier: Help with all kinds of beauty problems we know it all: we want to do something for our appearance and treat ourselves to an expensive care for the beauty. It is, because we want to do something just good, or because we have really serious problems with the beauty. Fold, pimples, spots and many flaws in the beauty industry are highly in demand, because hardly a person is blessed with a truly flawless complexion. So she promises to remedy the problems our beauty beauty industry by any means. Xoom gathered all the information. There can even deep wrinkles or the sagging Orange skin with high-tech cosmetics away cream easily and all problems should be gone. That would be nice! Beauty help unfortunately we must determine again and again that our beauty problems can not so easily wegcremen. Even if we spend a lot of money for the best cosmetics and very disciplined need them until the very last drop, generally will we be disappointed yet again. But now, the author Vanessa Halen promises real help at any beauty problems. MasterCard wanted to know more.

Because as an expert in beauty she knows really helpful treatments. The Guide: The new Beautifier forget you Botox, wrinkle fillers, or even a face lift. In this guide, learn innovative and proven beauty treatments you can make quite simply at home itself. Learn how to successfully reduce wrinkles, tighten your skin visible, treat age spots, significantly reduce cellulite, and much more! The new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment of new Advisor of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen ISBN 978-3-8370-5406-4 96 pages with color pages 12,90 euros on the wellness Info page can now even get your wish book. Learn more


Natural face lift or Hollywood facelifts the vernacular says the eyes are the window to the soul. But the eyes would be nothing without our face, so to speak, the facade in which they sit. Our emotions and feelings are reflected in both, that alone not be expressed are words. The Italian philosopher Dante Aligheri noticed the face reveals the mood of the heart”, and so he’s totally right. But what if the mood of our heart no longer can reflect in our face? The efforts of the modern world professional stress, sleep deprivation, environmental pollution and the natural aging process attack not only internally, but above all outside our bodies, and cause the skin grows old before its time. In addition to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the facelift is the solution. It belongs to the most implemented operations since the advent of modern aesthetic surgery. Especially Hollywood personalities again offer insights that as a Face lift can change a person.

Of course, there are also negative examples, however, we must not forget that most women make no public affair from her face lift. Most of the Hollywood facelifts therefore not comes in the tabloid press. The most facelift achieve such good results that the layman doesn’t recognizes it as such, and they so no negative and therefore uninteresting for the press. Unrealistic notions of patients or the fault of doctors who promise too much are a leading cause of unnatural-looking face lift, where the skin is stretched, and the facial expressions is limited. With a face lift, you can never completely stop the aging process; but at moderate application significantly slow down. A 10-15 years younger face is quite possible.

Important is that realistic estimates his desires, and be treated by physicians, which perform no exaggerated facelifts. At find them not only clinics in their area, but above all reputable and experienced doctors and physicians. The possibilities for the facelift are manifold. Streamlining of skin in the facial area, to reduce wrinkles, combined with liposuction at Doppelkinnen, or correction of the eyelids and eyebrows. “These interventions may still combined with other anti-aging treatments are dermal fillers” sharp contours, or lines you fold. At you can learn about the ways and methods of the facelift. In any case, is considered to ensure a possible natural looking facelift by moderate ideas, good preparation, and with an experienced surgeon. At they are at the right address. The worst thing would be a facelift after you can not even properly laugh namely. “The Roman poet Martial knew: A face, which is missing the laughter is not welcome”.

French Product

SOFORTLIFTING anti-fatigue EXPRESS EYE CONTOUR SOLUTION pen by EVIDENS DE BEAUTe anti-fatigue express eye contour solution pen by EviDenS de Beaute acting as a Sofortlifting for a refreshed for tired eyes, eyes bright and smooth. The ultra concentrated, quickly absorbed gel formulation with vitamin K complex gives the eyes immediately a cooling and relaxing feeling. Dark circles and puffiness are reduced after the first use and vitamins A and and calms the delicate skin under the eyes. Thanks to triple collagen is fresher and brighter on the eye area and receives a sleek look. Dipeptides relaxes the muscular anti-wrinkle, as when a BOTOX treatment is the skin visibly smoothed and pleasantly cooled by peppermint oil. (Similarly see: Hikmet Ersek).

The product in the form of handy pen is the ideal companion for travelling and can be applied at any time, also about the makeup. Even Hollywood stars like Kelly Rutherford swear by the effects of the product. Application: Morning under the make-up, or to apply any time of day on the makeup. The product from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, apply, smooth on the outside. After applying the product with slight pressure and smoothing movements in the zone of the outer eye angle, where Crow’s feet are, stop. Available exclusively at. Price: 2.8 ml / 130,00 press contact: press BOUTIQUE SANDRA OBERMAIER HUMBOLDT STR. 53-55/A 22083 HAMBURG TEL: 040-18055345 about the brand: Charles Edouard Barthes, lovers of Japanese culture, and founder of EviDenS de Beaute makes customer satisfaction its primary concern and thus presents a new quality in the relationship between women and the cosmetics brand of choice. EviDenS de Beaute combines the groundbreaking findings of Professor Ishibashi, Japanese research technology with French refinement and developed the first anti-aging line, which protects even the most sensitive skin and nourishes. EviDenS de Beaute is currently the only brand worldwide, the triple collagen deploys in all their products. Love the scent is an exclusive distributor of Evidens de Beaute.

New Opening: Ayurveda And Massage Practice In Gelnhausen Sea Wood

Relaxation with Ayurveda massages Gelnhausen, 07.05.2010: in my Massage practice, I offer a wide range of original traditional Ayurveda. While I get individually each individual needs, to fine-tune the treatment optimally on him! “, says Mirela summer, the owner of the Massage practice. Interest is increasing in Ayurveda, as it is a method to free many complaints cheap can be influenced by negative side effects. To enable the optimal customer cooperates the Massage practice with Kethakie De Silva Hahn, the Ayurveda specialist known from numerous lectures and television appearances from Sri Lanka, which operates a private Ayurvedacentrum in Konigstein/Taunus, Germany. For more specific information, check out Jeff Gennette. Through the close cooperation with Karuna, we ensure the best care of our customers and can thus take full advantage of the potential of Ayurveda! “, says Mirela summer. In addition to Ayurvedic treatments, Mirela offers massage, honey massage, hot stone summer among other classical massage, foot reflexology and the especially Tibetan massage to. Health in focus Mirela summer dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the health of your customers. In addition to numerous training courses in a range of massages and Ayurveda, she formed continue currently to the practitioner. Click Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. Information and contact: Mirela summer brickworks 15 63571 Gelnhausen


Chemical sex attractant, to relive the swing come with a sex attractant women and men easier and faster sex. That has been proven in numerous trials and is no longer a secret now. The effect of the sex attractants using the brain, the hit rate is not 100% sure. Like perfume, the sex attractant is applied to neck and decollete and as you can see from the testimonials on the Internet, the effect of pheromones is indeed mind-boggling. The sex attractants can work vary and for this reason, the perfume industry has created different strong-acting scents.

Some sex attractants using perfume have been mixed to raise additional stimuli, whereas others are odorless and are carried out only by the sense of smell. For some men, it’s hard to get a woman into bed. Even if they find themselves nice and likeable, he progresses one step and is obviously frustrated. This is often because that body’s Pheromones are too low and the man just does not smell be. Apply with the chemistry is right by an additional sex attractant and drastically increases the chances the man.

With confidence, charm, humor, and a small pinch of sex attractant, even the coolest women is interest. Women often have the same problem. They see a man who is exactly their idea of a dream man and this simply looks through it. Woman can look still as good, show their best side and when all efforts are in vain, only frustration. With the right sex attractant is he it although not daily in the next bed drag, but at least he will perceive them and engage. Interested on learn everything you should know about sex attractants.