ATM Account

The mechanism of subscription to the push-messages often include a mandatory supplementary agreement between the bank and the customer, which defines the customer's consent to receive certain information from the bank. For example, the Russian Standard Bank, "reported subscribers for this service about any changes to bank account sends a list of recent transactions made by plastic card. ABB spoke with conviction. The client can also increase control and security of their credit card by signing up to receive messages about each operation, improved by using the card. So organized service "Alpha-Check": a message that arrives to customers after the transaction, contains information about the transaction and the balance amount in the account. With the help of services like "Alpha-Check" You can control the receipt of money at the box office and ATMs, as well as to respond quickly if a bank card stolen or lost. Push-projects, of course, very convenient, but the mechanism does not allow the client to run bank account. This problem is just decide pull-services that provide information or complete a transaction only after receiving the bank corresponding request from the client. Today in Russia the most common push-services.

Because of its simplicity of implementation and minimal risk to the bank to offer almost all prominent members of the market. In this scope pushservisov every year more and more extended. Scheme of work pull-service is similar to how you poluchaeteinformatsiyu about their account through an ATM, when using short queries, you can learn about balance, recent transactions, pay for services, transfer money to another account, open contribution or a loan.