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Hyundai Solaris

The total annual volume of sales of Hyundai cars a year in Russia should take 130,000th abroad, and a large percentage of the issued near St. Petersburg, cars will be exported, not in vain in the fabrication plant, together with ‘Solaris’ came tablets ‘Accent’ and ‘i25’. Moreover, in 2012 the plant in Kamenka, to be […]

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Tramper Van Box

Y machines with such devices very promising, at least in the European market. That visitors are not looked under the bottom of the car, an exhibit put on a mirrored floor. It reflects the gas equipment, which may be a serial. All interested visitors curiously studied the anatomy of the abdomen Berlingo Erdgas. That's from […]

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The Employee

Motto "Avtokontsepta" consists of three boxes, I go to one of them. Explained master the problem. I say "No problem, wait for 15 minutes will be done." Wizard hub took and hid in the depths of the second box. I must say that Avtokontsept well taken care of the nerves of its customers, separated from […]

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Providing Services

Due to the expansion of services and integrated services companies to improve the quality of services to individuals, the company 'City Taxi' has developed a document highlighting a number of aspects of their work. 'The rules provide transport services' to help understand the principle and mechanism of the 'City Taxi' with their customers. They detail […]

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Ukraine Database Garage

A new database of garages in Ukraine. How fast can sell, buy or rent a garage in Ukraine? Searching, selling and renting a car or a long time been actively carried out by using the Internet, which is just saturated Resources of this subject. Unfortunately, only a few can boast a proper service and a […]

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International Exhibition

Recently, extensive Chinese market has attracted many Europeans. Are no exception and the international automobile giants. And the company, "Citroen" as one of them. Despite the fact that the Chinese market Car zastolblen thoroughly by German firms, the French company promotes its business class sedan Citroen Metropolis, exposing it to the next month at the […]

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