Professional Management

As coach of AD, which usually begin my conversations with new and potential customers, saying: “Tell me about yourself and why you are looking for a coach.” Most people respond with a long list of problems of ADD. Very few people respond that they are seeking to discover, improve, or use their strengths. This is a big part of training, and a part that many people need much help. Unfortunately, many additions to spend much of their time focusing on what they think they are wrong. This is understandable, since most of us have spent a lifetime learning to deal with the inconsistency of attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, emotional reactivity, and other challenges that our TDA has submitted.

However, few of us really have the time to appreciate our ability to manage these challenges and recover from hard times. And when things do not balance the good with the not so good material, can become frustrated, discouraged, and sad. Every person in this world has points strengths and interests? things we do well and things we enjoy doing. Learning to focus some time on the strengths and interests can help lift your mood? and self-esteem? from vipers. Here are some ways you can increase the time you spend thinking about your strengths and interests: * Make a list of all your achievements in life? large and small? and after this list, where you’ll see that often * Make a list of all the things you do well, and all the things you want to do? and after this list, too * Keep a journal or notebook to record all your daily successes * Accept every compliment you receive with a smile and a “thank you” After having spent some time thinking about your strengths and achievements, you can take this knowledge and self-awareness a step further by setting some small goals for yourself that involve their strengths and interests.

If you’re good with people, you may want to try volunteering at a shelter for homeless senior center. If you like dancing, maybe you can take a class each week. We all deserve to spend time doing what we enjoy doing, and not just what we need to do. So allow yourself to appreciate their strengths and interests, and give yourself the luxury of enjoying them! It is likely that a person will make you much happier. Jennifer Koretsky is a Professional Management Add coach who helps adults manage their ADD and move forward in life. It encourages clients to increase self-awareness, focus on strengths and talents, and create realistic action plans. It offers a capacity of 90 days intensive construction program, workshops and private lessons. Her work has appeared in numerous media, including The New York Times and The Times (United Kingdom).