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Fullcolor Large Format Printing

Wide-format printing market is large enough. Large Format Printing is available on equipment that provides the ability to print on the material width is approximately 1 meter. In the wide-format printing can be used a variety of colors and undertones, it is an absolute advantage. Large-format printing can be divided into two types depending on […]

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Royal Academy

Let us begin by knowing the meaning of the word sofrito. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, FRY is lightly frying foods and their condiments. We call fried seasonings that FRY in oil, accompanied by various ingredients. Sofrito is the essential foundation that is used to make most of the dishes of Spanish […]

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile exhibition stands were originally created as an alternative to one-off exhibition stands. Modern "large" and small mobile stands offer exhibitors to the following benefits: Save money due to repeated use. Versed in exhibitions can be ordered raw space. Having a mobile stand and a mandatory set of fighter marketing front: Brochure, lamps, folding table […]

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SMS Marketing Promoting

In this article we will talk about the importance, benefits and functionality of sms marketing in addition to briefly consider some common terms used in this segment, such as sms services and solutions for sms marketing, sms mailing, sms VoIP-gateways and switches. There is no doubt that the number of mobile subscribers worldwide than internet […]

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