Development Of A Language Professor

Through the language of geography it can relating in them, developing education to learn and to know our state where we live and the study on the origin of diverse population etnias as given. University of Houston usually is spot on. It is basic that the educator inside works the concepts of the geographic language of classroom, as well as with expositivas lessons, making possible to the pupils a learning with quality. 2.4 THE FORMATION OF THE LANGUAGE PROFESSOR. One is tax criticizes in the current methods of the education of the language creating itself a series of new pedagogical requirements, the university answers the such requirements for being formadora of language professors and I renew with it of this formation then would have a great focus of interest of practises pedagogical. granting the research to language professors the knowledge would be each time, but worked, being able to have a communication between professors and pupils, this practises pedagogical would have to be concentrated thus in the letramento concept and being demanded a bigger devotion in the activities of reading and writing. Making a reformularization of the education of the grammar and observing its importance becoming indispensable, aiming at that the future professor transmits to the pupil everything while what it learned in elapsing of its formation and being placed in practises what it learned in the classroom. thus constructing a learning successfully, as much for educating how much for the educator.

The Portuguese professor must receive a formation scientific as any another professional who concluded its formation, having its ways directed for a quality learning. Valley to stand out that the formed professor will not go to transmit everything scientifically what learned in the university, as for example, the scientific theory, the knowledge of the traditional grammar etc. All these cited and others had served of support for the education applied in classroom.