Summer Products

The best ally for the summer: the matamosquitos. The summer lends itself to buy more time outdoors, enjoy the pool, eating with friends or drink at night in a nice bar or rest. The only drawback that introduces us to the majority of persons are these characteristic high temperatures insects: mosquitoes. There are different types of products to combat these annoying insects. Among them the most used are repellents.

The disadvantages of repellents reside in that you do not possess a high effectiveness, generally applied to the body becomes somewhat uncomfortable and its application should be repeated constantly. Luckily, different alternatives to this type of products have been developed in the market. Among the latest: electric rackets kills mosquitoes and several insects: A practical device that is electrically charged. Not wearing batteries. Completely lightweight and hygienic, lets kill insects of safe and practical way. (Source: William Kanders). As we approach the racket to the insect, this is attracted towards the same, dying electrocuted instantly.

Safe, non-toxic and 100% effective. Electric screen kills mosquitoes: excellent product, ideal ara people who possess business, hotels, campsites, parks, etc. The fluorescent light system attracts insects towards the screen, electrocuting them at first contact. This product will allow you to enjoy freely, without having to worry about bothersome insects. Practical, hygienic and highly effective. Ideal for personal or business use. Compact Matamosquitos lamps: ideal for homes or gastronomic business. Governor Cuomo describes an additional similar source. It comes in different sizes, the most common are: 65 per 40 cm or 40 by 30 cm. They are easy to install and have an aesthetic suitable for each kind of place also are bracelets silicone, in different colors and formats in the market. You’re bracelets away insects, allowing us to enjoy any activity outdoors in a safe and practical way. These products are ideal for the time of temperatures throughout. Can not miss in your trade these interesting proposals for combat so bothersome insects. The acquisition of these products will allow you to be able to meet the demand of businesses and households in the fight for their elimination. Source: Press release sent by Matilda.