Social Relationships

Social relations affect our quality of life humans are social by nature, which means that its relational dimension affect decisively to their quality of life. Living together in a network of ties that unite us with other people by means of encounter, communication and exchange relationships assure us a better life, since the coordination of individual efforts improve the results at a collective level. However, when social relationships are mired by selfishness and lack of consideration, they can ultimately affect other aspects of our lives, causing them to create us impediments to achieve full satisfaction in our lives. How to improve our social relations even though it may seem like a topic, the way other people treat us depends largely on our own behavior, and is for this reason that should give a special importance to the image which are projecting ourselves towards other people, and that this image is consistent with our way of being. Respect for human dignity is the fundamental basis for rewarding social relationships, and if we want to get that respect of individuals with whom we relate it is necessary to make us creditors, starting with give us first of all, seeing in every human person a be unique and unrepeatable in its individuality. One of the main expressions of respect for human dignity is the trying to understand other ideas though not to share them, sincere dialogue remain the best means of demonstrating our willingness.

This only sincere dialogue can occur if there is a loyalty to the truth, not trying to manipulate it according to our desires of every moment, learning to subordinate our personal desires to the common good, and trying to get openness of mind to avoid be caught in our cultural prejudices, which could be wrong. Know you better in our relationships with other people there is an Exchange that enriches all parties, however, is no less true that sometimes social relationships create negative influences which may result harmful, and to be able to avoid them is necessary to know well ourselves to anticipate and prevent them. Many of these influences we receive them in relations that we cannot avoid, in our work, in the family, in the neighborhood, etc., and in these cases it is necessary to have resources to minimize as far as possible the consequences of these negative influences, and the only way we can do it is developing techniques which allow us to direct our mind to strengthen us in our convictions in order to keep us calm and confident before any attempt to weaken them that may come from the exterior. Know the potential of our mind allows us to confront these uncomfortable situations with confidence and security, overcoming fears and anxiety that may lead us. Meditation the only way of deepening the knowledge of ourselves is through meditation and reflection, which is the fundamental characteristic of human beings and what distinguishes him from the rest of living beings, i.e. its capacity to understand himself and enter into communication with other people. On many occasions our life is marked by the rush and bustle, which makes it more difficult this reflection, internal dialogue that puts us in contact with ourselves, and therefore is very convenient practice of any relaxation technique that facilitates us the reunion with ourselves and regain inner harmony.