Secure Shopping On The Internet

What to look for when the next order in an online shop but: alleged deals keep not always that what they promise. Where money attracts criminals also lurk. Because you can no longer look the seller in the eye, or examine the goods before receiving other mechanisms need to ensure trust. You will learn what to consider, so that after the purchase of joy and not frustration, this safety tip. Check the integrity of the online shop! If you have nothing to hide, must not hide also. Transparency is therefore an important criterion for the seriousness of an online store. Look first in the legal notice and the terms and conditions. Reputable operators publish not only your full company address and other contact information (such as E-mail address, telephone numbers and information about the customer service) and disclose detailed information about owners, shipping, exchange opportunities and complaints.

Online auction houses such as convey only between buyers and sellers such as eBay. If a provider is trustworthy, can be best here against the buyer reviews. “Certificates issued by recognized bodies such as trusted shops” EHI or the TuV Seal “are available for safe shopping on the net. While the providers on price transparency, conditions, data protection, and more than 100 other criteria are tested. Pay attention to the specs! Peruse the item description before buying attention. She should be in addition to the basic product information (size, condition color etc.) typically also photos of the article contain. Learn also about the amount of shipping costs.

Feel free to contact the provider in case of doubt not before buying. Beware of providers from abroad: is headquartered outside the EU, additional taxes and duties may apply. Transmit sensitive data only encrypted. Keep sensitive data, such as your address or account data, not of criminals can be caught and abused, need it for transmission via the Internet of an encrypted connection.