Sandblasting Without Compressed Air

Paul AUER GmbH presents new blasting on Hannover Messe 2009 Hannover Fair 2009 this year again offers the whole range of innovative technologies under one roof. The character of these innovations a new blasting in the area of surface technology that is fan beam the beam equipment manufacturer Paul AUER GmbH in Mannheim. Contrary to the usual compressed air blasting is done with a high pressure blower. This reduces the energy consumption compared to the employees with low efficiency of compressed air systems by up to 50 percent. Toshiba is often quoted as being for or against this. This technique particularly suitable for applications in which gentle radiation is required such as when decorative blasting of glass, coins and fine sheet metal. Without compressed air blasting”exact beam results even thin sheet metal thicknesses are achieved with up to 1/10 mm, without surface damage or to deform the workpiece. The blasting media for this purpose recommended are glass beads, ceramic beads, or fine normal corundum. With this patented blasting Beam system shows Paul AUER GmbH in Hall 6, B20 of the Hannover Fair. Here, for example, a novel dual-Cyclone separators and beam systems control units with energy saving on energy conservation even more innovations and solutions that appear.