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Switchboards are made on the basis of cells with different degrees of protection of Russian and foreign manufacturers. MAIN UNIT START CSB is developing, manufacturing and delivery to the customer for the electric ignition systems of AC and DC current. These include: Soft start (SCP), induction motor speed control devices (RF amplifier) standard induction motor type series of these devices ensures that data functions for electric power up to 1200 kW, 400 V and up to 5 MW, 6.3 kV PCS SSB develops and supplies power management systems, consisting of several units. Educate yourself with thoughts from Thredup. PCS FUNCTION: Provide automatic and automatic modes of power remote monitoring and remote management of individual units of remote monitoring and management of hardware LRU-6, 3 kV (MSB-0.4 kV) Remote automatic start and stop power to the load power sequence of starting and stopping power given by the operator on a single video frame. These may be given the command to automatically select the sequence shown in accordance with certain criteria (uniform resource development of all units or production units with a specific resource subsequent withdrawal of the unit for maintenance and repairs) Displays information about the status of equipment for power plants mimic the control panel and video footage of the operator's station and Registration archiving of events and emergencies Automatic diagnosis equipment APCS light and sound alarms (APS) Enable automated and automated modes of the equipment supporting the needs of power stations (in case of delivery of the equipment management subsystem), typical of the power plant control system: Control panel with mimic and measuring instrumentation control cabinet (controller, relay logic) Workstation (AWP) (computer, printer) OUR SOLUTIONS Energy drilling diesel generator sets (DGS) Cummins earned the most recognition of organizations operating oil and gas companies as a drive drilling equipment. .