Regional Director

The second and third agreement, as the original agreement annulled by force of law at the end of the certain time limits. When is the next, the fourth contract of employment for a definite term or a three-year limit is exceeded, the fourth or the last labor agreement, with appropriate, is concluded for an indefinite period, and the above rule regarding termination of the force of law no longer applies. However, in exceptional cases, for the agreement concluded for a definite term of three years or more, may be entered into an agreement for a specified period not exceeding three months, while the second agreement will not be considered concluded for an indefinite period, unless the collective bargaining agreement does not provides for a different version. If the time interval between labor agreements concluded for a definite period of three months or more, they are not viewed as consecutive, but rather as an individual employment agreements for a certain period, which thus annulled by force of law by the end of this period. Neither the original nor the extended term of the agreement can not be interrupted by pre- notice before the end of this term, unless agreed to another option. This follows from the essence of the agreement. (An agreement for a certain period of time may, however, be terminated by mutual consent, by dismissal without notice or court order before the end of this period).

The agreement concluded for an indefinite period, as the name suggests, is not terminated by any particular date, and continues to have effect indefinitely until the avoidance, by notice or by other methods discussed in this section. Prior to the notice of dismissal must be received permission from the director of the regional employment agency ("DRTU", which corresponds niderlandskomu 'Regionaal Directeur van de Arbeidsvoorzieningsorganisatie' abbreviated 'RDA') in the form of DRTU. In the absence of such approval, the notice can be challenged.