Recipes For Guests – Delicious And Easy

Delicious and quickly prepared recipes for guests. A special selection of pre-and main dishes and desserts. There are already quite a few occasions to celebrate in the course of a year. Whether it is a family celebration, a birthday, a children’s Party, Christmas or Easter, not forgetting the birthday will be celebrated like and much. Also a Garden Festival is very popular in the summer. More information is housed here: Steph Korey. The host will probably prepare a classic 3 course menu at a party, but rather build a buffet. Here, too, an appetizer (finger food, appetizers, salads, soups) should not be missed. The highlight of Buffett’s is a mix of hot and cold dishes: little cold almond chips, party meatballs, various salads, stuffed salmon Roast with potato gratin and a vegetable plate with the strains of the season.

Also salads should not be missed. You can chopped iceberg lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, corn, onions, peppers etc., serve in bowls and add different dressings. Even with the sauces, there are countless of different types Zubereitng. The dessert may not be missing too. This is simply.

To the grand finale you can present au for example a Weincreme of white wine mousse chocolate or even a champagne cake. Here a small selection of different recipes. In the selection of ingredients, we have taken care that cheap, easy and quick to prepare are the recipes. Starters salad variation in a Parmesan basket ingredients for 4 people of 50 g fresh Parmesan cheese 1 iceberg lettuce or any other salad 250 g mushrooms 1 kl. Box 1 onion corn 1/2 snake cucumber 16 kl. Cherry tomatoes salt, pepper honey 2 TBSP. Hot Mustard 2 TBSP sweet mustard olive oil preparation: the iceberg lettuce or any other salad, pluck off, tear into small pieces and rinse under running water. Good brush the mushrooms and cut into thin discs. Onion peel off and chop.