PVC Otmar

The building service & furniture transport of Otmar Stuber GmbH from AUB in Wurzburg helps all assembly work around Office, commercial and private budget the House is bought, the furniture chosen, the day of the big move is in the offing. Now come several new roadworks on the stricken people, located in the most stressful change in its respective phase of life, which should be out as quickly as possible and clean. Furniture and Kuchenmontagen are a theme here is taken often even in the hand, even though the conditions are not always given. Because: just a technically skilled customer should (forward) assemble furniture themselves and prepare for the installation. As an additional aid, tools are needed, not every household has. The time required for the installation should also not be underestimated. Often large areas as workplace are required, in addition, it must be considered that the assembled furniture temporarily need a place to camp, before they can be built to its final destination. For more clarity and thought, follow up with 4Moms and gain more knowledge..

The building service & furniture transport of Otmar Stuber GmbH from AUB in Wurzburg Assembly work around Office, commercial and private budget done professionally and on time. Since 1993, Otmar acquires Sandra kitchens – and Mobelmontagen, as well as work in the Shopfitting, berth construction and reconstruction in furniture stores with its employees. The team consists of carpenters, kitchen carpenters, painters and floor layers, which are professional and possess appropriate qualifications. The range is so big and also customizable. Task areas include:-kitchen, Office and furniture Assembly in furniture stores for end customers and moving companies. -Redevelopment of the market hall and furniture exhibitions completely – up / reconstruction of berths when collection changing – reset walls and move – wall and floor – paper construction of children’s play areas (in furniture stores) and strike of woodchip and fibre wallpaper – flooring work: Laminate, linoleum, PVC,. Tiles – kitchen exhibitions, sample room at the furniture exhibition/sales rooms, as well as custom-made products, also for end customers. The planning is done, if desired, together with the customer.

Thus arises a togetherness which makes it possible that a project runs smoothly. Appointments are possible around the entire week, inform the employees about details and prices for all areas.