Political Constitution

What we do in this letter is to sustain because the state must ensure that long-haired youth may exercise the right to work. and not as currently happens. As we can see a sort of persecution and racism associated imaginarioa past. The political constitution of Colombia says ARTA sua ass 7. The State recognizes and protects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Colombian nation.

Are we recognizing and protecting the cultural and ethnic diversity in Colombia? Answer: YEAR! Why? Because as we said earlier there is a persecution of the young people who have long hair. He does not take into account intellectual participation from them. That is, if studied accounting, management, marketing, advertising and so on. Or if you have dedicated to the educational and many other branches of practical and theoretical knowledge that enrich both the man and the nation. This discrimination is so arbitrary that 50% of our young people are unemployed and without right, since it does not work not eat. Apart from undermining the Colombian citizen, as a nation we are denying food. And the basis of all their basic needs.

That is, ethnic and cultural diversity is outside and never inside of companies. What if the companies are independent of the Colombian state? “The sovereign is the state and if companies work? a According to Article 20 of the Political Constitution of Colombia and Article 23 of the same. Force Article 20: We think and believe that long-haired people have the right to work and that studies have been made should be taken into account.