Personal Development

There is a relationship between forgiveness and personal development. One of the great struggles of the human being in personal development, is that it costs us to say sorry, but while it is easy to forgive in simple terms, bone to simply say so, the pure truth is that costs us a lot do it really. It is not said in words that one has forgiven such person, or to even think to do so, but rather the power that gives you. We must have the courage to forgive someone, it is an extra for the soul point, because when we forgive we are freeing us from a great burden that we carry over and we managed to be more become detached even in our acts, because we will be more determined to give without really expecting anything in return. Many probably think that this does not benefit them at all, and that rather that person not deserves be forgiven oneself really deserves to forgive, not only because we all make big mistakes or are likely at some point to proceed from worst forms, but also in some other occasion We have a chance of being pardoned, besides life is short, and by more harm than a person can make us, if in your hand forgive him and doing it of his own guilt, help, you’re going to feel good, and never keep rancor. Many have the tendency to look to the past and live thinking about the bad things that happened to us leaving us dragging by that stage of time. This is not going to help in any way, nobody says it’s bad to remember, but you should do so with care, you should feel really with all my heart, mind and soul that that person is your friend, and you do not glorifiques by your act of forgive because this in itself, is the same as not having forgiven. .