Public Relations

Being thus, the plan of communication for mobilization social it must be come back toward the reality and the values of each movement. Mobilization nothing more is that invocation. Invocation of a specific public to act in favor of causes of common interest. The author explains that the society is repleta of social, ambient problems, etc., and that the individuals need to feel themselves coerced to contribute in the fight for the improvement of these problems, what does not take off the responsibility of the State in continuing acting in the progress of life of the society and in the solution of problems, but attribute it proper, the capacity to help to minimize them. The professional of Public Relations will find the challenge to act in the emotional one of each individual (taking in account cultural questions, historical politics and, beyond vises of world) without she has manipulation, so that if she does not deviate from the dialgica communication, liberating and educative, displayed in the first chapter.

He has broken myself, now, for the differentiation of the concepts of solidarity, participation assistencialismo. Solidarity is the desire to finish with a situation and must be exerted in the gift, it differs what it from participation, that requires more envolvement with the cause. Already the assistencialismo is a gesture of ' ' unloading of conscincia' ' , where they help constantly, but they are not become involved, in fact. The establishment of the diagnosis of the communication must take in consideration eight aspects that assist in the agreement of the bonds of the public with the movement. They are: space localization; information; judgment; action; cohesion; continuity, co-responsibility and institucional participation. These aspects are explained at great length by the author and remember it who ' ' they do not abstain themselves, but if somam.' ' In elapsing of the chapter, Simeone comes back immediate to the ideas of communication, consolidation of bonds, mobilization, values, but it adds to the factor ' ' definition of pblico' ' , strengthening that the spreading of the cause it is the starting point so that if it conquers truily involved individuals with the movement.

Job in Politics

These days it rained very in the state of Rio De Janeiro, you vary cities had been flooded many deaths and nothing it happens in I benefit of that they live in the periphery, they lose its belongings, they cry, cry out, it is very sad, the television foca and explores the disaster of the people all the time and still they are with you divide because they were paying its you move. The government continues omissive, each day the poor population increases, is enough to look at for the streets of the city is much beggar, to each day increases, if it creates palliative places in a called house shelter, without resource none, they they prefer to come back street to be in these damaged environments excluded and abandoning. Lines of unemployeds, searching a rank in the black market of the work. JOB POLITICS: This continues note zero, irrisrio wage, the population increased very and the industries of the city had closed all, with the globalization politics and neoliberalismo, this really came to finish more with the poor person, who stops obtaining a job has that to make a competition, who charges tax of the highest registration, I do not know who she invented this tax, she has that to catch this disembarassed that invented this tax and to give in the face of it.


We have when it in front of us we are going to him to ask that it is our animal of being able and helps that us in the chamnica initiation. In order to be sure that is our animal of being able, we are going to realise the first question, asking to him that it is what has ensearte at that moment. You will feel the answers within you, is thankful for its answers and you take leave until the next time. Now we will return to our normal state from brings back to consciousness, being on the awares and taking contact again with the present reality. Well, already you know your animal being able, now is called on to know all the possible one to you on.

For it is fundamental that you read, you investigate or if it is necessary even, that you are going to physically see your animal of being able to the zoological one or some place where you know that there is some. Thus this way, when knowing all the referring one to your animal being able, simultaneously you will be learning aspects that interest to you to know on you. From knowing what is our animal of being able and to know its qualities, we will be able to invoke it whenever we need its advice or qualities in order to feel protected us and accompanied by its spirit. Besides the technique previously described, also we can know what is our animal of being able by other procedures, thus through the dreams, when we dream about an animal that has a very special meaning for us. Also by messages, or of direct or indirect form, when we see several times the same animal during our daily life. By the instinct or the intuition when the feeling attracted us towards this animal during our life and or finally if we are not able to know what is our animal, to ask it an intuitive or better person if it is possible to chamn, that will be able to say to us what is our animal of being able.


We know that one of the main places where we will be able to obtain the best coffee it is Central America. Within those countries, Honduras is one of the main exporting references of coffee. According to the vice-minister of the SIC, Juan Jose Cross, the coffee has left in the Honduran coffers 1.240 million dollars in 2011, thanks to its export by everybody. According to the Honduran Institute of the Coffee (Ihcaf), Honduras has exported 4, 7 million coats of 46 kilos during the present harvest, reason why the Honduran exporter increased in about 1,1 million coats in relation to the previous period between the 2009-2010, surpassing the expectations in 2011. The Honduran coffee gourmet is one of the most appraised of the international market, since the zone meets the conditions perfectly necessary to remove the divided major to the grain from coffee. This export is very important since it revalues the international reserves. The buying major continues being the European market, with a 76,81 percent, being Germany, Belgium and Italy main importers, according to the Exporter Association of Coffee of Honduras (Adecafeh). Whereas a 12,05 percent was exported to different countries from America, led by the United States and Canada; in addition a 10,64 percent was acquired by the Asian market, especially in Korea and Japan, and as soon as a 0,5 percent is distributed between some countries of Africa and the Australian Continent..

Guide Of Professions

He is perceivable that in the current society in relation to the work market the young has the necessity of if deciding precociously for an performance field, starting for the choice of a university course destines that them to a profession specifies. This occurs in way where they do not have the sufficient of information on the demands of more important market and without discovering which its vocation. The result of this most of the time professional is frustrated, badly qualified and playing in precarious way its function. As to choose a profession it is the motto of this work that provided the creation of this article, being able to provide to the pupils an ample knowledge on the most diverse professions, searching to awake in each one the interest I specify for that more good it apraz and that can give to a good condition of life, joining pleasure and satisfaction to it with the good performance in a field that guarantees support more good to it. The initial point is to inside discover the paper of each one of the society, on what it is important and necessary. It is interesting to perceive the form as the works come being executed in our time and this execution depends on the starting point, that is, in the choice of a profession.

We think on our objectives, ideals and all more than let us can obtain through our work. We must analyze our paper as professional, but as not only professional, person and citizen. We can reflect on these aspects of simple form and this does not demand effort of our part very, only understanding of our function in the social environment. When thinking about this, we can reflect on questions as: What I want? What I can? What I must make? Analyzing each one of them in two ways.

So Paulo

For better understanding of this trajectory in Brazil, I made to follow a historical briefing of the insertion of the woman in the market of work and the teaching profession. THE BRAZILIAN WOMAN AS FORCE OF WORK AND AS PROFESSIONAL OF THE EDUCATION ' ' The State that does not value its women is an athlete of an arm s.' ' Plato (the Republic) Since middle of century XIX, force of the infantile and feminine work already was used for the industries in Brazil. According to IBGE (1997), in 1894 the women occupied 68%de the vacant in the textile industry, in the industry of clothes and dressing table 34% of the workmanship hand was feminine. With the performance of the woman in the market of work and under influence of the positivismo at the beginning of sc. XX it had certain advance concerning the feminine image that before, as Almeida (1998, p.18) ' ' it agglutinated attributes of poverty, doura, Christian morality, generosity, ' ' inducing comparison of the woman with the virgin catholic.

However, the positivista speech when adopting model that exaltava the resignation and the feminine moral qualities if ' ' they seted of ambiguities (…) and they had been determinative in the social declassification of mulher' '. In this context, the society already had if become complex more, the occured changes in the market of work and the social relations already demanded more pertaining to school ability. In 1940, according to IBGE (1997) only in the state of So Paulo, 40% of the population were alfabetizada, amongst these the majority were the men. New ranks of work had been appearing and increased the requirement for hand of qualified workmanship. It was then urgent that average education if expanded for the country, destarte necessary to prepare professors. In the schools of formation of the professors if ' ' the women, &#039 avultavam; ' , but in the intention to educate them of the masculine aspirations inside.

The Majority

It places his physical address and information of contact in each page. Once again he is transparent and being abierto about his identity and as it can be contacted. You do not have anything to hide, You Are not going to take the money from your clients and to close your Web site on the following day. Its direction Also adds structure to means (Internet), and for that reason a simple one sufficient nonserious post-office box. It is possible to be contacted to him by fax, fixed telephone, electronic mail and movable telephone? This information gives but Credibility him. 4.

IT DOES NOT USE a gratuitous electronic mail or the service of lodging of his main site. Some say that the image of a business is it everything. That Can seem a little exaggerated, but you are not the one who secrees that is, but what the client perceives that You are. If He uses a service of gratuitous electronic mail like What says of you this? Has tanato Success, THAT Not even a service of electronic mail Can pay? The Majority of spammers Usan these accounts of gratuitous electronic mail, this gives another negotivo point him in his against. It can be better to use the account associated with the dominion of his Web site of payment. I believe that almost all the services of lodging Web OFFER accounts of mail MGP.

5. To by hand have all data of its clients. When an internaut Appears in his Web site for the first time is as to go completely without information to an appointment.

Neymar Germany

of the other side the celestial one resurges, the first world-wide champions with the baton of the Forlan leader who is more seeming Enzo Francescoli and turning the owner the teams, but this film has the good friend of the principal actor, who makes almost everything for it without taking many credits, but the happy end depends and passes for it, Luizito Suares, the nine of the Uruguay who in it I finish moment seemed to be the villain, when placing the new hand of Dos for preventing the hunger goal, but it finished being the rescuer and if it sacrificed for the teams, if it played in front of the shot for preventing that its native land suffered. thus with madness and champion luck certain in the previsible world of the soccer, the celestial one advances with airs of zebra in Africa. what to speak of the young Germany, an experienced teams, the majority of the players had been in the good campaign of 2006, the third place, only losing for the current champion and disillusionment of the pantry Italy. A teams who came without ostentation, but in the first game very showed to its business card a teams technician who erra hardly mortal in the one against attack, that only made two bad games, both that had not counted on the artilleryman: Klose, that has a Muller substituting the height, or better, a Balack. That it has a player inspired by Beckenbaue. Schweinsteiger seems to take the teams as the greater dolo of Germany, seems that it attended the steps of dolo well and tries to its way to be so shining how much. But if the judge had given the goal of Lampard, the generation of the teams of the dreams of the English with Gerrad, Terry, Rooney, would have obtained to show that it was not dream and yes reality? Now a twisted one of 180 million Brazilians twists so that any election gains little Holland. always goes to exist the question: if the Goose and the Neymar were? if Brazil earned?

Gentlemen One

The mercy does not represent to have d of nobody! Mercy means attachment to the things of God, respect the God. The merciful one is taken care of by adultery Deus.O spiritual is that one that knows the Word of God, but not it honor. He is that one that says in them to be our brother in the Christian faith, but in the practical one, during the adversities, it is not. It is moved away from it! What it disdains the word will perish, but what it fears the order will be galardoado. Sayings 13:13 the one that disrespects what God speaks to it, perishes, therefore it does not practise the Word, but the iniquities that the world indicates to it. E, taking off them for is, said: Gentlemen, who are necessary that I make to save me? they had said: You and your house believe in Mr. Jesus Christ and will be saved. Acts 16:30 – 31Ore for all the people of its family, citing the name of each one of them in its conjunct.

It is remained believing in Mr. Jesus Christ and the salvation of all its dear beings! and also established Jeosaf to some of the levitas and the priests and the heads of the parents of Israel on the judgment Mr., and the causes judicial; had come back Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 19:8 and here it is that You would love, the supreme priest, will all preside over on you in the business Mr.; Zebadias, son of Ismael, leader of the house of Jud, in all the business of the king; also the officers, the levitas, are before you; you strengthen you, therefore, and you make it; you will be with the good ones. 2 Chronicles 19:11 the Gentleman always will be with the good ones. It is our justice, believes in what It teaches to you through the Word.

Individual Industralists

AEMME, like Multi-sector Enterprise Employer’s association of the Spanish Micro-enterprises, wishes to contribute and to set out the activities that come realising from the 2004, year of their Constitution, which it has allowed and it continues allowing, to create economic activity, Micro-enterprises Companies and Use Self-employment. These activities are based on offering and participating with the entrepreneurs, in the Information and Multi-sector specific Formation, with special emphasis in those sectors that allow to be giving form a: – A new Economic Model TIC, Formation, Environment – Third Sector – Foundations – Rural Sector, Sustainability, Recycling, Energy and others. In the following connection, a summary of the historical one of the AEMME activities can be unloaded, in this sense: AEMME also wishes to contribute the New Shared in common Economic Model that, by its experience in the direct and daily deal with the Micro-enterprises of Spain and all the Sectors of Economic Activity, knows, and which can be the solutions, from the point of view of this Enterprise Sector that supposes more of 95% of the total of Spanish companies, between that they are: – Individual Industralists (Independent). – Club Industralists (Limited Societies, habitually). Also, this enterprise set supposes more of 80% of the GIP and is possible that until the 60/70% of the present use. Also they can visit the following connection, that contributes that new model, from the point of view of AEMME in Thin Victor, President of AEMME comment, us that this last exhibition of activities takes implicit to a great investment in time and modifications, trying to initiate the process to be adapting our Institutions and Economic Legal Frame to the situation of our present surroundings of the European Union and also to level the International in the United States, Emergent Countries and possible new global situation .