(3) The future:, I’m going to say next, probably not anything new, but if any not been realized, I have to tell you, unfortunately the future there. And I repeat, only it exists today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, just today. It is very well think about the day after, be cautious, but as a human being is selfish by nature, always wants more, and not just think about tomorrow, then it is in day after tomorrow, and so on, until there comes a time that lost the notion of time, and it is believed that he will live life. More information is housed here: UPS. Sometimes I am surprised of how many people in your life, why does and says things as if behaves its out endless passing through the Earth. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steph Korey. This can see it especially in the miser, the selfish, and all those who want to accumulate many more better wealth. Those who see in the money only a purpose to be increasingly more and more rich, and not as a means for a better life, and be able to achieve things that allow them to have a safe and enjoyable existence.

It is clear that we all want to live the greatest possible number of years, but the aim should be the quality of those years, by that exist by the mere fact of doing so and at any price, I think it makes not much sense. Many people have led a life so unpleasant and so much suffering to live many years only has brought them more misery and pain. However, live the This, is not to say that we are not optimistic for the future, but always being aware that the objective at all times, it is the now, and not the later, because if we are very attentive to enjoy Sunday, we just lose us there on Saturday, and also as they say many experts on human behavior, happiness is not the end of the road, but during the course of the same, so if we both think about tomorrow, just happens to us today without hearing us and we are losing us something really interesting. The wisdom of the adage always rightly advised, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, is the best recipe for exist and at the same time to learn to maximize, that something so valuable and so fatal when it loses, which is called time.