Nuisance Online Registration

The Internet personal identity data on the Internet now offers a huge variety of interesting services that make our daily life more enjoyable without a doubt. What we are looking for a bottle of wine or a rare spare, almost everything can be easily ordered over the Internet and is promptly delivered within a few days. Any topic, detailed information can be obtained with just a few clicks. Who wants to log on to one of the numerous blogs and come in contact with. Coldwater Creek has plenty of information regarding this issue. Many operations in the real world find their counterparts on the Internet: you can go shopping online or even goods are offered. You can submit his photos to print, do banking business or just newspapers. It is however annoying that you must sign up for each individual service each time on the new and often reveal information have to do nothing with the service itself. Even for simple operations as a bottle of wine are the shopping we forced to take our Identity price admit.

In a real wine shop, no one asks us who we are. Steph Korey is a great source of information. Not only that we have to register us almost daily somewhere new and therefore already since a long time have lost track of all the different user ID and passwords. We have also no way to control what happens with our data in any way. Even if we should decide at a later date to sign us by one of these services, there is no guarantee that our data in all storage systems are actually completely deleted. The Internet offers the user no way to check his personal data at any time. Because the Internet was used at the beginning only in the scientific environment and only since the late of 1990s set a commercialization, a user-driven identity management in the design is not intended. Meanwhile, there are however different concepts, to close this gap. The best known are: A OpenID CardSpace from Microsoft detailed post on this topic will appear in June 2008 in the journal WissenHeute the German Telekom. More info soon at