Nemetschek Projects

The requirements for the project management have risen significantly. Construction projects must be handled often in less time. Planning and construction are often parallel. To efficiently manage complex projects to is therefore today really exploit all rationalisation and improvement opportunities. Electronic document and plan management gets a great importance here. The predictability of cost and time are essential criteria for the economically successful implementation of complex construction projects.

The settlement should be project-specific definier – and controllable and so planning security. We want to show here how such claims through the use of modern technology can be realize, some selected examples. As a project, which is essentially characterized by the uniqueness of the conditions in its entirety \”, the DIN of 69901 defines a project. Construction projects are usually unique. They are investment projects, which include fixed targets, deadlines, costs and results. Added yet variable resources. Also caused the builders often changes the objectives arise during the construction phase.

This can adversely affect costs and deadlines. Here comes the project management of the exporting company in the game. DIN 69901 defines project management as a set of techniques, leadership, organizations and funds for carrying out a project ‘. Plan variations rather than diminish the profits, lead to negative results or even losses, the project manager with the help of project management must provide for an optimal solution to meet the costs and deadlines. Computer usage can be very helpful here. What software for what goals? Apparently, the issue is a problem for some. Although the computer already use many to organize themselves, leaving but often important details. The writing and mail traffic will be created, for example, with the PC, not archived with this, but filed as a paper in a folder. To note important details again and again on the famous yellow sticky notes and She positioned prominently ‘ on the screen. Speaking candidly How much is Izzy Millennium worth? told us the story.