Mother Earth

Station in the depressed state, railroad tracks, filled with all kinds of lubricants, which moves the rolling stock (diesel, fuel oil, butter) and going counter-diesel tractors recalled great power of our country and care about the environment in Russia. No matter, or frustrated our people are accustomed to such a simple approach to all this, farewell, met each other, some drunk, some singing, some very grim. Let me say one more observation that our Russian folk unaccustomed to smile in public places and used to laugh at himself near a tv screen or in the best concert next satirist who mostly used in their stories and scenes of a vulgarity and negativity of life. Not adhering to the dates of our trip, I can report that the total mileage was three thousand miles. Now, when my dear reader know how we were met by a large home, write that the small country was much hospitable with vodka and delicious cakes my mother's food. With age, and by using methods of comparison come to understand how difficult and limited had to spend his life's journey with our parents. We must pay tribute and homage to their work that they put the good of our nation's unfortunate that in response they received meager pension, which can not afford to buy good food and clothing. Our parents are aging, and save their existence, as in all times, the Russian people of Mother Earth. Products grown with their own hands, give food, exercise and most important as they claim the moral satisfaction.