Missiology 09

In this second part of the Missiology course, we had to listen to the classes of Professor Cesar Leclere. Specialist in church documents, the us spoke of several documents that underpin the Mission in the Church. Eye this is not copied some text has been written, but transcripts of tape recordings of live classes. Maximund Illud apostolic letter of Benedicto XV, 1919 November 30 is the first in the modern era on the propagation of the Catholic faith in the whole world, and there is a great concern of the popes, and stroke back, and goes on giving importance to this essentiality of the Church. It is the nature of the Church, being a missionary, and they go to work a the Ecclesiology, and is a first modern document on missions. It is also called the Magna Carta, large letter, highest card. Missionary also draws many theological, pastoral and spiritual guidelines in the field.

Especially in it find a first outline of what will be or will be called: the Missiology historical, theological, pastoral, right, and spirituality of the mission. The Pope has the merit of having raised tempers of the Christian community immediately after the first world war. The fervor missionary that is at the same time index and encouragement of the document missionary. It was the beginning of the century of missions. It is a difficult time for the war. At the same time there is a missionary fervor.

The entire Church is involved in this fervor. What is the merit of this document? It consists of chart guidelines that would be later evangelism guidelines. There are several aspects that points out it in its index. And even today they are still priority. Documents that Pope Juan Paul II today, has done picked up what this letter. There is a preparation, attention, and permanent training of the missionaries.