Marketing partners the Fashioncommunity cooperates well in marketing with major online agencies and partners. There is info about the special interest portals from the partner network by styleranking stand A38 in Hall 11 on the”online marketing Dusseldorf. Partners are: active value the renowned Dusseldorf agency active value operates among other things the Web 2.0 services seitwert.de, seitzeichen.de, web2null.de, merky.de, automatick.de and bookmerken.de. well marketed the Web 2.0 Scrapbook Web2null.de. The Portal provides information about new developments in the field of Web 2.0. Up to 10 new Web 2.0 projects are presented, which can be rated and commented by the visitors. Web2null.de is one of the most important German sites on the topic of innovation on the Internet according to the testimony of the Manager magazine (12/07).

well, the portal also marketed Seitwert.de, which is particularly interesting as a cooperation partner for search engine optimizers. seitwert.de is a free Online service that determines the quality of a website. The Seitwert is a number between 0 and 100, which creates a quality index of a Web page based on factors (automatically is). Already more than 250,000 websites were rated on the site. In addition to a general ranking, there are special rankings for various industries and areas. Charamel designed under the slogan of “A New Era of Living.Communication”, develops and sells the Cologne-based company Charamel audiovisual communication solutions. This personalized applications and content provided to optimize communication processes in the areas of mobile, entertainment, interactive, and engineering – especially interactive avatars. On the online marketing Dusseldorf, the community portal tailored to a young target group Debuts mocito.com.

The implementation of the different channels of interaction with virtual Wizard, avatar support is new to this target group-specific community and communication portal called – or just mocito. On mocito.com, an entertainment and communication portal for young people at the age of 14 24 years, they created and designed virtual characters called or just too mocitos communicate avatars, present themselves and experience communication in all facets. Another, in the world of mocito integrated and presented during the fair, new communication solution is yourGuide”. “True to the motto Avatarize YOUrself avatars for everyone” can be integrated with this tool from immediately 3D Web avatars in motion and with lippensynchroner language barrier-free Web sites. well, the new portal of Charamel marketed mocito.com. The portal for interaction and playful self-expression with original avatars. mocito stands for “My Own Communication Identity TOol”. The mocito ClipMixer users in a simple and versatile way to generate own videos, simply through the playful combination of relevant elements of the part. achtQuark since 2004 ideas and concepts developed achtQuark for online activities and helps to implement them and advises them to optimieren.achtQuark: from idea to design, from concept to realization. In addition, achtQuark controlled the success of online projects and provides targeted impetus to further optimize. well marketed the online soap opera Munich Love Affair – the first interactive SOAP blog 2.0. Following virtual characters live in the online-WG: Beehive Mareike, mechanical engineering graduate of Yuri, an exchange student MiFan and Glaskustler Emil. New characters can be booked.