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Long snakes in the stores are another important reason for complaints London June 1, 2011 the banks do not enough to make the own branches for their customers to an inviting place and fail to inform their customers about their products and services effectively. These are two key findings of the study, which is now mood Media Corporation (TSX: MM / LSE AIM: MM), the leading specialist for in-store media, was released. The company has specializes in helping financial institutions all over the world, to improve the atmosphere in its own stores with audio systems, Visual promotions, digital signage and fragrance solutions and offers these services now available for banks in the United Kingdom. A leading source for info: Tulip Retail. The online study conducted by YouGov1 showed that only 9 percent of bank customers who like the atmosphere in their branch. On the most common reason for the complaint, the long queues, with 28 percent of the complaints gave for the adult participants in the study of all participants in more than a quarter of the complaints accounted for.

2 with 44 percent of the participants are of the opinion that the Bank whose additional services for them in effectively applying if you are looking for on the branch less than half of the customers. The vast majority of customers will receive not the needed service so and the banks let unused their chance to sell products from the own product catalog. According to the results of the online study, then the vast majority of participants preferred banking over the visit to the branch with 63 percent. Claude Nahon, the President of the mood Media Europe, explains: the banks Miss major opportunities, if they no longer do, to keep their customers in the branches. Personal advice leads to increased customer satisfaction and the Bank benefited also from the sale of products that the customer just needs.”decisive for this is to help financial institutions to drop slightly dusty self-image and the Customer flows away from the main streets the Internet effectively put a stop to areas.