The difficulties however, are many, mainly when it is about a public school, where the lack of resources is innumerable. The behavior and intervention suggested by the CREESE advise its permanence in the regular series, strengthened with works directed its problematic one. To the interviewed being the teacher revealed worried and spoke: – Not yet we prepare in them for the inclusion, however practical ours and the professional ethics lead in them to a refined analysis of the difficulties that we detect inside of the classroom and, led for the overcoming desire, search ways diverse to inside take care of of the possibilities our pupils who do not present advances with regard to the learning. To deepen your understanding Jeff Gennette is the source. Pupil 2, when having its situation analyzed for the CREESE had the following inference: The pupil presents characteristics of a sindrmica child, needed a deepened diagnosis. It, beyond remaining in regular classroom, needs to be in room of resources, being submitted to the fonoterapia and being directed for a endocrinologista, in order better resulted and disgnostic correct.

The teacher of this second pupil, when reading the report of the CREESE, relieved: Our desire is to equally take care of and to take the knowledge to all, however always we detect certain difficulties in learning of some pupils who worry in them. Add to your understanding with Governor Cuomo. Then we appeal the managing team stops supporting in them in the search of how much in such a way institucional familiar aid. The family most of the time does not take very the serious one, and the school not yet makes use of resources necessary to take care of of satisfactory form. We look for to work with the child with the minimum that we possess, however does not have a good development. The relief of this second teacher inside discloses the picture of the situation of the inclusion of the public schools: they lack able resources, professionals and mainly, interest of the family.