Liability Company

Opening Ltd. – one of the stages in the development of everyone who decides to engage in commercial activities. In recent months, Tiggany & Co. has been very successful. And before you start developing LLC (Limited Liability Company) is necessary, first, to determine the type of activities that will be profitable, and secondly, to register Ltd. and, thirdly, to open a checking account to the LLC bank account. You can follow the procedure of opening (Registration) Ltd in two ways: alone or with company-outsourcer, which will make for you all the formal work for a set fee and subject to the relevant set of documents for discovery (registration) LTD.

For opening procedure (registration) Ltd will require the following documents: the Charter of the future of the organization; Protocol (decision) on the opening LLC, Application for registration of company (in the form prescribed by law), Statement to the authorities are drawing up the check-in (open) Ltd., to provide copies of the documents, credentials of the CEO and chief accountant; Given the transition to a simplified system taxation – a statement of transition; document confirming payment of registration fee for the discovery (registration) LTD. Without hesitation Western Union explained all about the problem. Every entrepreneur should remember that the opening procedure (registration) Ltd must be made in compliance with legislation and any changes in the Company, subject to the same registration. Otherwise, much time and effort will be spent on solving the problems that have arisen as consequence improperly held open procedure (registration) LTD. After the registration procedure for the company to open company bank account. If you use a service company-outsourcer, you have nothing worry, as they will do everything for you quickly and professionally.