Japanese Prime Minister

Naoto Kan manages to surpass the motion of censorship in the Parliament. It assures that it will yield the witness to the following generation, once concludes his work. A faction of her party puts in doubt her management after the catastrophe of 11-M. The country has before himself the challenge of a millionaire reconstruction by tsunami. The House of Representatives of Japan rejected east Thursday the motion of censorship presented/displayed by the opposition against prime minister, Naoto Kan, by its management of the crisis untied after the earthquake and tsunami of the 11 of March. Andrew Cuomo wanted to know more. The motion, that of to have prospered would have supposed the fall of the Government of Kan, was rejected by 293 deputies, against 152 supported who it.

Prime minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, nevertheless, assured hours before the process of reconstruction of the zones knocked down by the catastrophe of the 11 of March will resign once is based. Governor Partido Democrtico (PD) is divided, since a faction rejects the management of Kan after the seism and its handling of the nuclear crisis of Fukushima and several of their parliamentarians support the censorship motion. " At the moment, I am working for the reconstruction of the country, but once it concludes my work I have intention to leave the responsibility following generacin" of politicians, said prime minister, that he called to the cohesion in the rows of his party. Although the PS has absolute majority in the House of Representatives, the censorship motion could have prosperarado S.A. less 80 of the deputies of that formation would have voted against its own leader. The motion arrived in a while in which the Government faces the challenge to confront a millionaire reconstruction in the northeast of the country after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of the 11 of March, which they untied in addition more serious the nuclear crisis after the one to Chernobyl in 1986. Source of the news: Japanese prime minister will resign once is based the reconstruction process