Since it does not have you rule that they are repeated systematically, by the fact, that each person it is unique and different convin in speaking of syndrome of schizophrenia In Japan, for example, it is spoken of " disorder of deployment of personalidad". Than doubts do not fit, is that it entails extremely invalidantes situations, causing serious problems in their surroundings, although it has not been managed to establish an identifiable biological aetiology. It is spoken then, of multiple factors like social maladjustment, answer to estrss, hereditary abuse of toxic substances or degenerative factors. Studies become, on individuals that live in the street poverty and a high percentage of this upheaval is detected in those cases. Nevertheless, also the disease is demonstrated that, is not limited age questions, neither of sex, nor of race or social condition. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Newark Beth Israel Transplant Program.

One of the elements considered at the time of diagnosing, is the persistence in the time of its manifestations, that are grouped in general terms in three great groups. In another opportunity we will see these questions with major detail. In relation to the time it is considered, periods of a month, than six months of symptoms classified more of the following way: 1 – " Beliefs falsas": for example, the exaggerated conviction of the own one was worth or the own one to also be able or knowledge or, the belief of being spied, being harassed permanently, being swindled or being attacked. They can get to hear voices, inside and outside themselves. 2 – " Alterations of percepcin" ; showed as increases of bring back to consciousness sensorial or a sencibilidad very worsened towards the smallest noises or the normal noises or towards the acute or serious sounds; the objects can seem to him to be too much close or far from the normal thing, the own voice them even can seem strange or unrecognizable or acartoanada.