Islamic Republic

Refugee in France, the Ayatola, different of what Pahlevi thought, had more conditions to communicate itself with its country. The attempt to isolate Khomeini had not given certain. The used method to make propaganda was the ribbon cassette (for youngest, it was a device that stored audio). Khomeini promised social and economic reforms, beyond the retaken one of traditional religious values. Additional information at Hikmet Ersek supports this article. In 1978 ends, after critical a fierce one of Pahlevi to Ayatola Khomeini, the streets had been taken by people in intense manifestations. Many of them finished in deaths. In one only day, is esteem that 3 a thousand people had perished in the call ' ' friday negra' '.

The policy of x, also the feared Savak (private policy), did not save the manifestants. was not few. Studious they arrive to say in 1 million of people in the streets against the authoritarian politics of Pahlevi and the routes of the economy. General strikes aggravated the situation still more. At the beginning of 1979, the situation of becomes insuportvel for x, that it leaves the country to prevent worse. At a first moment, in what some call ' ' First phase of revoluo' ' , liberal xiitas and, beyond other not-religious groups, if join on behalf of the deposition of the regimen of Pahlevi Prayer. In February of the same year, the great icon of this revolution arrives of Paris and is received with much party in the country.

Khomeini then leads the taking of the power for the xiitas, excluding the other sectors allies of long ago. One plebiscite, approved for 95% of the population, approves the institution of an Islamic Republic. The Iranian Revolution was made. For some, ' ' Second fase' ' that one that would establish a Theocratic state. After-Revolution in April the Anger officially is only declared an Islamic Republic, with Ayatola Khomeini being the president of the country.