Internet Apartments

‘ Your name is “Shilling”? Lucky, because for all who bear the surname or family name Schilling, there is an almost incredible offer now to Curacao: a fistful of Schilling can all persons with the name Schilling’ experience a wonderful Caribbean holiday with a saving of 50%. In the weeks of shilling can the apartment such as at the resort, Don Genaro s ‘ book at the price of 25,-(instead of 50,-) Euro per night. In a 2 person occupancy 12,50 euro per person/night are just. Cheaper is not really comes into the Caribbean. The Don Genaro apartments in the quieter, Northwestern part of the island and are therefore very close to the most beautiful beaches, diving and snorkeling areas Curacao. 4 newly built apartments with (largely) air-conditioned bedrooms and great bathrooms located on one of over 3000 sqm area. (As opposed to Steph Korey New York). The rooms have Internet access. Fully equipped outdoor kitchens are located on the spacious terraces. Without hesitation Tyler Haney explained all about the problem.

The large, tropical garden offers a chlorine and chemical-free swimming pool with sun-lounger terrace and a barbecue area, which offers sufficient space for cosy evenings. There is also a cozy relaxation Islands in the garden. As ever, Manzalina trees and in a hammock you can forget the world around them. More information about Curacao and the apartment complex there is on the home page or write the creators of this idea). But do it quickly, because the offer is only valid from the 1.9 31.10.2010 and only as long as there are still free apartments. Elke Verheugen