Internal Benefits

When implementing the MS ISO 22000:2005 company receives a number of internal and external benefits. Internal Benefits: – a systematic approach covering the parameters of food safety at all stages of the process – the use of preventive measures rather than belated action to remedy the marriage and product recall – controlling parameters that affect the safety of the product – a unique definition of responsibility for ensuring food safety – reducing the proportion of marriage in the total production – additional opportunities for integration with ISO 9001 and HACCP – the restriction of permissible interference by government regulatory authorities. External benefits: – increase consumer confidence in manufactured products – expanding into new markets – Additional benefits for participating in various tenders and competitions – increasing the competitiveness of products – increasing the investment attractiveness – reduction in the number of complaints from the security and stability of product quality – creating reputation of the manufacturer of safe and quality food. Practical experience of MS ISO 22000:2005.

Today time, according to independent media, the Russian food producers occupy only 30-40% of its food market, because they can not compete on equal terms with existing in our western companies. In our country there are examples of practical implementation of this standard and HACCP – a firm Akvadon “engaged in the manufacture and bottling of mineral water such as the famous brand” Aksinya; Company Agrofirma Myskhako ” producing high quality wine (from the vineyards to delivery of finished products to the consumer) group of companies Provimi manufactures over 160 different products – protein, vitamin and mineral supplements, Premix, special feed for farm and domestic animals; enterprise “Novosibirsk food plant, which produces seasonings and spices under the brand name” meal “, the largest agricultural holding north-west of the country, “Shay-Agro has certified his company OAO Ostrogovitsy” on the production of raw-milk. You can still give many examples, but, unfortunately, in our country, in accordance with MS ISO 22000:2005 certified only as a rule, large manufacturers of dairy, beer, fish, meat and feed industries. The main problems in the implementation of management system compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 is the involvement of employees throughout the period of preparation for the certification (from 6 to 12 months) meets the weakening of interest in leaders of the organization, application for constructing a system of process management and system management approaches to food safety, the precise definition of control points and providing the required level of control in a timely manner to them. In today’s situation in the world where financial markets are not stable, the introduction of ISO 22000:2005 will allow enterprises, has implemented this system of food safety management firm to take specific market segments and successfully increase their limits.